USS Roosevelt returning to sea as China steps up ’harassment’ of US spy planes

USS Roosevelt returning to sea as China steps up ’harassment’ of US spy planes

The USS Roosevelt has returned to sea after spending weeks in port in Guam following a major coronavirus outbreak on board in March. The aircraft carrier entered the Philippine Sea Wednesday for carrier qualifications. Reed B. Werner, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Southeast Asia, said that since mid-March Chinese fighter jets have harassed US spy aircraft 9 times in the South China Sea

Tanzeem 1 weeks

The communist regime of China must be stopped.

Robo 1 weeks

Lmao, what is that picture?

Peter 1 weeks

How dare the Chinese harass innocent American spy planes. They didn't do anything to anybody, they are just spying over a thousand kilometers away from their country in other countries' borders. Slightly threatening behaviour no of course not.

not the 1%
not the 1% 1 weeks

the communist regime of china seems to manage 1.4B people more effectively than the corrupt gov of. the US manages its 350M without having to resort to terrorism - - aka funding Israel, Isis, the Dictator of Saudi Arabia, war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, cuba, and soon to be Venezuela - - - less people in prisons, less people murdered by police, less people murdered by their neighbours...... fuck me, the US has really dropped the ball when they cam make China look like the good guys...

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