House Democrats’ request for access to Mueller documents denied by Supreme Court

House Democrats’ request for access to Mueller documents denied by Supreme Court

House Democrats had submitted a request to the United States Supreme Court for immediate access to redacted grand jury materials from the Russia probe of former special counsel Robert Mueller. However, on Wednesday, the Supreme Court temporarily denied this request which was put forth by House Democrats.

Tom A
Tom A
TheCurrentModality 1 weeks

I love it. I hope the keep at it until November. He will end with all 50 states and a landslide.

Gordon 1 weeks

I bet in 4.5 years when Trump is finally just about done being President, they'll still think about impeaching him a week before inauguration.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

The Democrat's response to Trump reminds me of the Chris Farley skit where they fool him on what brand of coffee he's served, he goes berserk, is hit on the head repeatedly with a frying pan, and later, when they ask him how he feels... With bandages all over his head he grunts out "aaaannnngggrrryyy". They can't handle it.

Rocky 1 weeks

I guess the Dems don't like having a majority in any branch of government anymore. It's there suicide.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 weeks

If they ever got into power again they wouldn't know what to do... when you retrofit your entire political party and its doctrine to "ORANJ MAN3 BAD >:[" there are real practical sacrifices that go with that... just take a look at what happened to the left-wing labour party in tge UK who basically did the same thing: They changed their manifesto to "fuck those other guys" and had their worst loss in nearly 100 years...

Eva Blue
Eva Blue 1 weeks

And they wonder why they've been derided as the "do nothing" Dems? Maybe because they'd rather chase this nonsense for ANOTHER 4 years rather than do some actual work. Vote out the dinosaurs and crazies and get some people in there that know how to work hard, negotiate and make things happen.

fish 1 weeks

PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 weeks

They’re like the bad guys from Star Wars. “You know what? Let’s build.... wait for it.... ANOTHER Death Star!”

Outlaw 1 weeks

All Republicans: When will Dems learn Trump is above the law.

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