Deadly cyclone hits India and Bangladesh

Deadly cyclone hits India and Bangladesh

A deadly cyclone has touched ground in India and Bangladesh. The cyclone named Amphan has made a violent landfall with eastern India and Bangladesh experiencing violent winds and heavy rainfall. The cyclone has resulted in trees getting uprooted along with damage to property in both the countries.

Tom A
Tom A
Rakesh 6 days

Corona you win this time, win big. This has to come at the worst possible time and at the worst possible locations. Immigration from Bangladesh will be all time High.

Limer 6 days

I wonder how the governments will handle this in addition to the Covid-19 outbreak, as I assume shelters will need to be setup to help people that are uprooted from this. Especially if one person or a family was in quarantine

Wholly 6 days

Get somewhere safe, and remember your social distancing. But do be safe.

Emmanuel 6 days

And climate change...start taking it’s toll. Prayers for their safety.

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 6 days

Well that’s not good

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