Company wins $1.28bn wall contract via appealing to Trump On news channels

Company wins $1.28bn wall contract via appealing to Trump On news channels

Media reports alleged, Fisher Sand and Gravel’s CEO regularly appealed via news shows to President Trump on which the company was awarded a $1.28bn contract to build a large section of the border wall in Arizona by the Army Corps of Engineers on May 6. The company had earlier won another $400mn bid to build part of the border wall last year, although that contract is being audited by the Pentagon.

Jack 5 days

The Great Wall of China kept an empire safe for a 1,000 years or so. They do work. It's a difficult moral argument. Their is good evidence that the Roman Empire fell due to mass immigration and that the Chinese Empire fell due to isolation. I think preserving one's way of life is important. Especially if you believe western values are the most moral (and I do). So I've fallen into the anti-mass immigration camp as I've seen the cost to Europe. That said I do believe we should help people in need if possible. Just not at the cost of our own well being. History is full of dead nations, it is an issue we should all take seriously.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 5 days

I can’t wait to finally have border security. President Trump keeps his promises!

Doug 5 days

Wall insanity, waste continues. (:-( #kakistocracy

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