US Air Force F-35 fighter crashes in Florida, pilot stable

US Air Force F-35 fighter crashes in Florida, pilot stable

A US Air Force F-35 fighter jet crashed upon landing at a base in Florida and the pilot was ejected safely. The pilot is in stable condition and there was no loss of life or damage to civilians. F-35A Lightning II is a single-seated, single-engine fighter aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp. This accident comes days after a recent crash of an F-22 jet crashed near the base

pastorious 5 days

F-35 is hot garbage. Let's work with Russia to make su-57 and keep China outside the rest of the world.

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 4 days

All hail the mighty tomcat

edwin 4 days

The f-35 is a fighter that can be out done in it's different roles by older planes. And it was developed in a multinational project that included China, so why did we by it? We would have been better off revamping the Tomcat with modern tech and materials and buying the upgraded Agile Falcon off our Japanese allies.

AJ 4 days

The U.S. can't provide healthcare for millions of its citizens but there is trillions for whatever submarine screen door the military complex thinks up. This is why we are doomed.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 5 days

Florida Man... Pilot.

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 5 days

The Chair Force needs some remedial training on how to stay in their chairs.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 4 days

Why would you even build a multi role plane? If it’s x times the cost to do the roles of x planes, why wouldn’t you want a fighter to do fighter stuff, a Close Air support plane to do close air support, an interceptor to intercept bombers, etc. all at the same time rather than a plane that does multiple roles but can only do a single role at any given time. Seems like a misguided idea to me.

dan 5 days

the flying toilet strikes again!

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