Trump threatens to cut funding to Nevada, Michigan over mail in voting

Trump threatens to cut funding to Nevada, Michigan over mail in voting

United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that plans for expanded mail-in voting which are being mulled over by Michigan and Nevada are ’illegal’. The President also threatened to withhold federal funding to the states, but did not cite any specific law while deeming illegal the expanded mail-in voting plans being thought of currently.

michael 1 weeks

mail in voting does not favor one party over the other. there are many rural red areas that mail in votes would make more accessible. it is more secure against fraud because instead of a single point of attack that gives access to multiple votes, you would have to go house by house to intercept the ballots. on top of that, Michigan just flooded, and you're going to rip away their lifeline? it's the California fires all over again. right as Cali needed federal assistance, trump pulled money away from disaster relief. this man is what happens when you don't poison joffry lanister as a boy.

edwin 1 weeks

As someone who lives in a state that does vote by mail, I can honestly say I am never certain if my vote counts. I live in Oregon, and several democrat states tend to have inconsistencies in their vote rallying. Anyone remember that Dade county official in florida that kept "finding" boxes of absentee ballots that "got lost"? Every time she found a box the Dade county results skewed further. Not enough to change the governor result, but enough to be damned fishy.

Gary W
Gary W 1 weeks

Typical Trump. It is always about him. Let's hold money to sick and dying people because mail voting hurts his reelected chances.

Elaine 1 weeks

Let's not forget, Trump voted by mail in Florida primaries. Typical Trump, Law for Thee, but not for Me!

Rose 1 weeks

This is all in line with the conservative playbook. Accuse others of what you do yourself. The conservatives cannot win unless they suppress votes, and they are scurrying around trying to find new and better ways of doing so, all while saying there is mass voter corruption, when it's not proven to be true.

Diana 1 weeks

☺ 😌☺😊 My state allows for mail in votes. 't's safe and secure. I know 't's secure because I can check on the website provided to confirm receipt of my vote. In the event I di'n't have a computer, the state provided a phone number that I could call for confirmation of the receipt for my vote. Why would my comment place such a sour face?

john 1 weeks

Consider making voting by mail illegal in Florida, and watch how fast he changes his tune.

Eliecer 1 weeks

Someone to explain me, please. A president can interfere in voting methodology. Doesn’t the US have an independent agency to determine election rules ?

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 weeks

Good I would sue them over the result as well CA also given they legalised voter fraud last year will be interesting to see how bad this system ripe for abuse was abused

riheg 1 weeks

Didn’t cite any specifics as usual. Making it up. Just like when he proclaimed himself the worlds leading expert on South Korea

Will 1 weeks

Aren't Republicans about states rights? Or is it just when they think it benefits their party and their need for power?

Orion 1 weeks

Trump himself, while claiming mail in would result in fraud and republican losses, brought up two republican victories for congress by mail in. His self contradictory and stupidity astounding.

Debbi 1 weeks

I would ask if that’s illegal if he can do that but that’s a waste of breath because he can get away with whatever he wants Apparently

James 1 weeks

So, is he going to force states that already use mail-in to stop? Do you think he even knows that there are states that have that system?

Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin 1 weeks

he mails in his vote.

Rose 1 weeks

Conservatives are well known to not want voting to be easy for citizens. Mail in ballots especially during this time is an important way to make sure we all have a voice. It has not been proven that citizens are engaged in widespread voting fraud, but Conservatives certainly want you to think there is. They are willing to do whatever it takes to silence our voices. Don’t allow it to happen people.

J 1 weeks

He's done! I call it. He may have cheated and won with hate for Hillary. And while he'll damage Biden in the process he'll still loose greatly in Nov.! We gotta get rid of corruption the person in November!!!

Ryan 1 weeks

Isn’t what he’s saying a flat lie? What I know Michigan did is simply mail out ballot applications, as other GOP-lead states did as well (iirc), not the ballots themselves; what Trump said is incoherent with that, so why lie about it?

Mutatis 1 weeks

Ignoring the Trump spectacle. How would identity be confirmed with such a method of voting? Also when can the last mail in ballot be submitted? I see one of these questions being a potential issue for fraud allegations, and the other a potential issue for the fairness/accuracy of the vote.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 weeks

I guess preventing voter fraud is the only thing left wingers think is outside of the role of the federal government.

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