China proposes controversial Hong Kong security law

China proposes controversial Hong Kong security law

China is proposing to introduce a new security law in Hong Kong that could ban sedition, secession and treason. This could lead to strong opposition internationally and in Hong Kong. A basic law was introduced in Hong Kong when the UK handed back its sovereignty to China in 1997. Hong Kong’s mini-constitution requires it to revise the basic law but has failed to do so amid widespread opposition.

NeverMetTheGuy 3 months

Sooooooo the CCP is doing the same thing they did before, and trying to push laws that allow extradition to mainland China? Xinny the Poo can shove it.

IvoryDove 3 months

Start an international pandemic, move forces into the South China Sea, implement strict sedition laws in Hong Kong... Nothing to see here folks... Move along now....

O'Brien 3 months

Pooh wants his own Tianamen Square but no Tank Guys this time.

Spartacus 3 months

China is asshole

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

Guess the Wuhan Flu is over and we can resume the usual tyranny.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 3 months

But this isn't real communism.

Shmee 3 months

China is CONSTANTLY threatening the world and any time it's pointed out in the USA you're called racist. This has to be challenged before it's too late.

Shalyn 3 months

They are asking for civil war with in Hong Kong . This is not good! Where are all the human rights activists?? What do you think they will do to these people?? Do they understand that they were cremating old sick people BEFORE THEY WERE DEAD!! Screams were heard daily and nightly at the crematorium during the height of covid 19!! If they will do that to their elderly, what do you think they will do to these protesters who only want their God given right to be free!

Chrisby 3 months

The world is paying attention and using the Pandemic as a way to have a look at their operations without being classified as spying. In return, China is threatening tariffs on everyone and as that fails, they announce greater spending on military over the next year. This shitty time on earth is no where near over.

Max Bants
Max Bants 3 months

Hong Kong needs to do just one thing to get China to back the F-off: Sell a few acres of land to the US and UK Airforce.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 3 months

Face paint time.

Mike 3 months


Antony 3 months

HK people stop bitching and just do it already. The US certainly will have HK’s back.

not the 1%
not the 1% 3 months

china wants to be able to extradite chinese people (in HK) to China.... wtf??? meanwhile the US is managing to keep an Australian journalist in prison for 8 plus yrs, on BS charges, and is soon to extradite that Australian journalist, from the silence of crickets from western media.... but we have a free combative media, and china had only propaganda outlets.... ah huh

spatulasandals 3 months

Free Hong Kong. Free Tibet. Boycott everything Chinese. Tough, when convenience matters more than morality.

C 3 months

China tries anything and sanction come, stop trade, China starves

SickOfTribalisem 3 months

Oh the acronim "NPC" i mean eho comes up with it... who allows..... oh what's the point... so nothing's new with the ccp..

dom 3 months

Free Hong Kong

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