First subpoena in Obama-era probes issued by Senate Republicans

First subpoena in Obama-era probes issued by Senate Republicans

The first subpoena in the wide ranging investigations tied to the Obama administration was issued by Senate Republicans on Wednesday. A subpoena was issued for Blue Star Strategies, by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Blue Star Strategies has ties to Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.

Rose 1 weeks

Oh goodie. Didn’t they go down this rabbit hole before and found no wrongdoing? Dear lord, someone send a hero to save us from this long national nightmare of a presidency. Surely clearer heads will prevail some day? Or are we now a full on dictatorship?

Dagoberto 2 weeks

America The Beautiful No More.

Elaine 2 weeks

Oh please, and little donnie's girlfriend is now a senior WH advisor. Gimme a fucking break. The US needs to focus on today's problems, and prepare for tomorrow, instead of pushing us back to the past. This is all fluff and bullshit, smoke and mirrors, and business as usual for Trump.

Gary W
Gary W 2 weeks

And why is Congress looking at this? It’s old news. How about doing something that actually helps the American people? Let’s try and focus on current issues facing us, like the virus response. This political deep dive looking a something that happens 5-10 years ago doesn’t help me and my family.

IvoryDove 2 weeks

Day late and a dollar short.

edwin 2 weeks

Hmm, wonder what's under this rock?

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