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Michigan dam had repeated safety violations before flooding

Michigan dam had repeated safety violations before flooding

The owner of a dam in Michigan that failed to hold back floodwaters Tuesday forcing 10,000 people to evacuate had its license revoked by federal regulators in 2018 over numerous violations, including failing to fix spillways used to prevent flooding. Boyce Hydro Power’s history of violations lasted throughout the 14 years the company was authorized to run the nearly century-old Edenville dam.

Shmee 4 months

The infrastructure in all of Michigan is crumbling, many of the bridges are terrifying. Which party has had control of it again?

“blue8044” 4 months

How is it that government & the Businesses that are connected to it are completely & totally inept! This makes me furious😤

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 4 months

That picture is confusing. I know ground rolls up and down, but that water seems to be hitting those buildings all at different levels

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 4 months

We might be able to fix our infrastructure if we didn’t have to keep paying Detroit’s god damned bills. Or have pay for bullshit lawsuits that should be directed at the city (but the city has no money).

KeybladeMasterAndy 4 months

Ouch! Talk about failure to properly reprimand the company.

GreenPartyFTW 4 months

Flint Michigan still has no clean water!

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