Illinois House votes to remove GOP rep from session for refusing to wear mask

Illinois House votes to remove GOP rep from session for refusing to wear mask

The Illinois state House reportedly voted to remove a Republican lawmaker from a legislative session Wednesday after he refused to comply with a requirement for lawmakers to wear a mask during the special session. In a bipartisan vote, the Illinois House of Representatives voted 81 to 27 to remove Republican Rep. Darren Bailey, with one representative voting present.

edwin 2 months

The mask does not protect the wearer, so as long as they tested clean they shouldn't need it. Its It's only effective at keeping the wearer from infecting others.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 2 months

Id just put on a mask and leaving hanging off my neck the policy says to wear a mask not how to wear a mask so the way you put it on is up to your own interpretation

Rocky 2 months

I have a piece of paper in my car with a small piece of tape on it. It is cut in the shape of the middle finger and is just large enough to stretch over my nose and mouth partially. I tape it to the bridge of my nose and let it flap in the wind in front of my face now when asked to cover them. This is my new way of complying with rules that ignore science. The guidelines only say that it must cover the nose and mouth. It doesn't say what percentage of those parts must be covered or by what material. This is more fun than outright refusal in my opinion so I've made the shift. You mask zombies should be happy. I'm doing my part and I feel so happy being part of the virtue signalling sheep! Baaaa Baaaa

User Inactive
User Inactive 2 months

The mask has become less of a measure and more of a symbol.

Jack 2 months

How many people are aware of the reduction of transmission if both individuals are wearing a mask? It’s obviously redundant that if the odd-one-out* is wearing a mask; but In the opposite case it’s the dolt that decides to abstain from mutual safety.

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 2 months

Glad to see they finally put a sniff protector on creepy Joe

Fin 2 months

Y you wear a mask to not spread ur germs... N since they are in session it's common sense not to mention social courtesy ie like when u cover ur cough... Those who won't mask most likely are the same people who don't wash their hands after wiping their arse....... Andface covers do give u some protection which is better than none.... Masking is not some symbol.... It's social courtesy......not masking is a game clowns play.. U don't want to mask then keep ur distance n stay out of places.. U do not have the right to infect other ppl nor put other ppls lives at risk because u don't want to mask... I bet those of u who don't mask actually can't handle it cause ur claustrophobic n won't admit it.... N then some are just garden variety bullies will peanuts for brains... Who flunked third grade science class

Sasu 2 months

as soon as the cameras go off, they take off the masks. This is a political move.

Jon 2 months

He gone!!!

random Rage
random Rage 2 months

The body voted in a democratic fashion. Agree or disagree with the mask policy at least judgement was done by majority vote of the body that it impacts and not one autocratic ruler.

EnricoLudo 2 months

Well done! These ball-lickers trumpeteers should follow the CDC guidelines!

Jon 2 months


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