Bison knocks woman to the ground at Yellowstone National Park

Bison knocks woman to the ground at Yellowstone National Park

Officials at the Yellowstone National Park reported that a woman was injured after she was knocked to ground by a bison. The woman had reportedly gone too close to the bison near the popular Old Faithful Geyser. The incident comes merely two days after the Park was partially reopened.

Seekster 1 weeks

I know people think bison are just hairy cows but they are large and powerful animals and they can kill you if they ever had the inclination to do so.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

I was almost killed by a grizzly bear in Yellowstone... The bear was walking in a meadow, a huge line of cars stopped in the middle of the road on the back side of a 55mph turn and I come around the turn to find a dead stop in 150 feet. I almost died.

BoboRama 1 weeks

Don't pet the damned animals

GreenMachine 1 weeks

Why is this news? I can make the mundane sensational too. This just in! My mother's dog knocked over my toddler because she would get out of the way. The child stood on wobbly knees between the living room where the dog was resting and back door. Add someone came down the ally the canine rocketed toward the door throwing the small chold to the side and to the ground. The child was given medical attention on the scene. This all happened 3 months before the Corona pandemic swept the state and forced NJ into lockdown.

Scorpio 1 weeks

Close the park. Its for our own good!

Paul C
Paul C 1 weeks

Hope the bison is OK. Ban stupid tourists.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

Where's my 45-70 lever action?...

Booplesnoot 1 weeks

He was only demonstrating what 6ft of distance was.

Hasegawa Fish
Hasegawa Fish 1 weeks

First falling into a geyser, now this. Is Yellowstone Woman becoming a thing?

Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien 1 weeks

Ahh, gravity. It would be more amazing if she were knocked up!

Fin 1 weeks

Bison payback

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