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Johns Hopkins Univ. states Covid-19 cases globally surpass 5mn

Johns Hopkins Univ. states Covid-19 cases globally surpass 5mn

As per the statistics maintained by Johns Hopkins University, the number of people globally who have tested positive for Covid-19 has surpassed 5mn as on Thursday. Globally, the deaths from the Covid-19 stood at 328,000. With more than 1.5 million infections the US has the highest number of confirmed cases presently while Russia has the second-highest number of cases, at over 308,000.

fish 4 months

Last year it was the flu that hit 5 million cases. How many non-covid flu cases logged in 2020...? None...? WuFlu is a scam!!!

Yosef 4 months

If Covid were an ethnic and/or religious group rather than a disease, we could say that its homeland is in Hubei province in China but it has a large diaspora in China and elsewhere in Asia but especially in Iran, Europe (especially in Italy, Spain, France and the UK), and the United States, and increasingly also in Latin America.

I have no idea
I have no idea 4 months

5 million cases with 300,000 deaths and they no longer track total recovered. With official numbers only world wide mortality is 6%. Yep definitely worth a lockdown.

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