Former White House butler who served 11 presidents dies of Covid-19

Former White House butler who served 11 presidents dies of Covid-19

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, who was a former White House butler and served 11 presidents in various roles across seven decades, has died at age of 91. As per Fox 5 DC, the cause of his death reported was COVID-19. Jerman had joined the White House staff in 1957. He served, former presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower to Barack Obama and held various roles from housekeeper to doorman and finally butler.

jared edwards
jared edwards 2 months

Are we sure it was this apocalyptic virus that killed him or could it maybe, just maybe have been that he was in his 90's and old age does cause death.

Obvy. 2 months

He was old as hell, no wonder it killed him.

Fin 2 months

The loss of a classy man... Thank you for your service.... Rest in peace

Blaeingr 2 months

RIP old dude. To bad your passing is being used for political purposes.

chris 2 months

Think of all the prostitutes he helped get in, or out.

avecplus 2 months

I sure hope he wrote a memoirs somewhere, he must have all the juicy stories!!!

CommanderVaasDC 2 months

Thats a long service, RIP.

6Million$Mansplainer 2 months

I say that's a great legacy. To work with loyalty, excellence and distinction at the same job for 50 years, continually advance and serve 11 POTUS......not shabby at all. RIP.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 2 months

Why can't some of you just thank him for his service. It's likely more than most of you with your snide remarks have ever done. Just because he was 91 doesn't mean he died of old age, but in fact died of Covid-19. Yes, he likely had underlying health conditions, but so can someone of a much younger age and not be aware of those underlying problems. We've all heard reports of some really young person playing a sport and all of a sudden dropping dead with a health condition they didn't even know they had. Covid-19 is affecting people of all ages, and they are finding it is affecting other organs in the body besides the lungs. So quit watching Fox News, who tells you nothing, and stop listening to a malignant Narcissistic president.

bobby_5150 2 months

I wonder what he had on the Clintons?

Fin 2 months

The movie... Starring forest Whitacre... The butler.. Am certain is based upon this graceful hard work g man's life n service

Ethan 2 months

May he rest in peace. Just happy he didn't have to serve Trump. He'd propably cry about not getting his hamburger.

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