Trump rules out possibility of shutdown in case of coronavirus resurgence.

Trump rules out possibility of shutdown in case of coronavirus resurgence.

US President Trump said that the country will not shut down again if there is a second wave of coronavirus. While touring a Ford plant in Michigan, he told reporters, ’I want it open, and we’re going to open, and if there’s a fire, an ember, a flame someplace, we put it out.’

Brady 3 months

You mean, if we follow the data and science then we should reopen the country and just be responsible. There, I fixed your headline

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 3 months

Seems sensible. No matter how hard Michael reeeees.

fish 3 months


Seekster 3 months

That is how you reassure businesses and encourage stability in the economy. If businesses think that the economy may be shut down again they will he more hesitant to hire.

Rose 3 months

He's determined to "let it rip" because he is tired of the hit on his stocks, and that of his donors. Us taxpayers are the ones taking the risk if we go back too early. People are still getting infected, and the vaccine is months to potentially years away still. Why, dear God, do we have a mentally ill president still in office? Why, dear God, do I hate the people who voted for him, even more than I hate the man himself?

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 3 months

Friendly reminder that over 75% of the deaths are in 3 blue states. Almost like the reporting of deaths there is inaccurate and the democratic leadership there are incompetent 🤔

Charles 3 months

Wait.... There's still a FORD Plant in MICHIGAN?!? I thought the two parties came together to eradicate them from this country.

t 3 months

How does it feel for you to realize you have a lazy, obese, uneducated fool that you must rely on for your safety? He'd sell you down the river at the drop of a hat. He's a mutt.

Scott Curtis
Scott Curtis 3 months

Thank goodness he doesn't have a say in whether states shutdown or not.

michael 3 months

he really wants us to be number one in per capita deaths. luckily it won't be up to him. governers had the right and responsibility to close. if trump wants us to stay open, he's going to have to ramp up testing and expand testing availability. I will continue to shelter in place and wear PPE until this infection gets the response we deserve.

Flyfishing51 3 months

This is foolish. So if a second wave of the virus (in the fall) is twice as deadly as the first wave, he won’t even consider a shutdown to save lives? Not the sort of leader I want in the WH. Besides, the laws allow the governors to make the decision on a statewide shutdown, not the President.

Commodore 3 months

Of course not. Der Führer Trump would sooner let 3 million US citizens die than risk losing the election because of a tanking economy that he's responsible for anyway. Besides, it's just old people, poor people and people of color who are dying the most. So, what does he care? As long as he and the 3rd Reich Republicans continue making their millions and he gets re-elected, that's all that matters.

EnricoLudo 3 months

The most stupid president ever!

Steve 2 months

Curious if a million die in July 2 million in August 3 million in September and 4 million in October we stay open and have an in person election. Great plan

Jon 2 months

Back to work slaves! No mind I botched this response time to move on...

Earvin 3 months

Fuck u donald

Antony 3 months

So fake pandemic? No need to punish China then?

Delterra 3 months

We did need population control corona is just a free version implemented on a global scale, I approve of the fact that Trump trusts evolution.

Matthew 3 months

Hahahahaha he want what he want. No matter the cost. Not my president

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 months

He didnt shutdown anything the first time. He left it to the states... Which will prob be the case again when a resurgence inevitably happens.

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