Trump refuses to wear a mask at the Ford Motor Company

Trump refuses to wear a mask at the Ford Motor Company

On his visit to the Ford Motor Company in Michigan which has announced its initiative to manufacture ventilators and personal protective equipment, Trump refuses to wear a mask during the tour in spite of an official warning. He claimed that he did not want to give the press the ’pleasure’ of seeing him in it. Sources reported that Trump said he’s afraid wearing a mask as it makes him look weak.

Fin 1 weeks

Bet he hates wearing one cause he has claustrophobia... But won't admit it... Many many won't mask for that reason...

edwin 1 weeks

Considering that Whitmer is violating the law right now and she is abusing a law meant to deal with small scale issues, not the entire state, her orders can piss up a rope.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 1 weeks

But he looks so much better with it on. 😈😷

Tachyon 2 weeks

Says the childish wannabe dictator not following the rules. Namely the Supreme Rule. The Constitution.

Aaron 2 weeks

Quiet! Who ever you are.

Boudica 2 weeks

Well, I mean if anyone had experience dealing with petulant children it would be her🙄

Wholly 2 weeks

Takes one to know one...

BumperCar 2 weeks

Refuses to follow the rules? Good. Light em up, let it burn!

Jon 2 weeks

Shes not wrong 🤷‍♂️

Radical Moderate
Radical Moderate 2 weeks

Pretty sure he's just trolling at this point.

Paul C
Paul C 2 weeks

Karen speaks ex cathedra! Thou shalt...

space ghost
space ghost 2 weeks

Pelosi always takes her mask off to talk to the media what’s the issue?

Enrico 1 weeks

Orange jerk!

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