Dr. Fauci says media will be ’seeing more’ of him after hiatus

Dr. Fauci says media will be ’seeing more’ of him after hiatus

Fauci said the public will begin ’seeing more’ of him and other health officials after weeks without making public appearances. ’We’ve been talking with the communications people, and they realize we need to get some of this information out,’ he said. Fauci’s appearances have been limited in the last few weeks as the White House’s increased the pressure on the governors to open up their states.

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 1 weeks

Ok, that's fine, I guess. Is he going to have some practical advice for us? Emphasis on "practical". ... I'm done living in fear. He's going to have to give up on threats to lock us down again. But I'll do reasonable things to keep myself and community safe.

Peter 1 weeks

With his age I am surprised he is not a high risk group for dying from Corona virus. He should be careful not to catch the viruses he helped develop.

TheMadDane 1 weeks

At least he gave us a warning. 😒

fish 1 weeks

Treason trials... The Revolution will be on TV.

Marta Caballero
Marta Caballero 1 weeks

I didn't vote for fauci. He's NOT my president. He is not above the position of the President either. This hack hasn't seen an actual patient in how long??? I think it's time to retire this clown and do some serious investigation into him and his associates. Including Bill Gates, especially after witnessing his 'if we do a really good job' speech.

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