Financier George Soros warns Covid-19 threatens EU’s survival

Financier George Soros warns Covid-19 threatens EU’s survival

Financier George Soros has warned that the Covid-19 pandemic could cause the breakup of the European Union if the bloc doesn’t issue perpetual bonds to support its weaker member states. Italy, Spain, & France have been demanding joint-debt issuance, dubbed ’corona bonds’ by the EU to boost economic recovery while Germany, Austria, & Netherlands have long strongly opposed the move.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 weeks

The EU threatens its own survival by being a useless political tumor sucking the life out of Europe's countries.

avecplus 1 weeks

Good, get rid of it.. useless global government crap...

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 1 weeks

Promotes immigration and importation of people that don't want to integrate to Europe and only want to reap the benefits of living there... Then talks about financial crisis due to the pandemic. The train of thought of a person that has no values or any type of conviction other than making money.

SaltyPrepper 1 weeks

SOROS needs to crawl back into the hole he crawled out of.

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 1 weeks

"Perpetual bonds". Sounds like an attempt to use the pandemic to bring about the dreaded United States of Europe, which is one of my personal nightmares.

Jon 1 weeks

"Yes, tie yourselves together using these heavy iron chains, then if one of you starts to sink the others will buoy the sinking one back up! This will work, nothing could possibly go wrong!" - Former Hitler Youth who Broke the Bank of England.

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 1 weeks

Firstly, when will Suros finally kick the bucket? And the EU experiment was doomed to fail from the start.

Kobus 1 weeks

I read some saying somewhere: "Between Lucifer and Soros, it is hard to tell who admires the other most."

F G 1 weeks

"Financier George Soros"? So this is what we call the physical representation of evil?

David Giarratana
David Giarratana 1 weeks

Silver linings...

Aaron 1 weeks

More like leftism as we have been witnessing

GUYIVKS 1 weeks

Wish it would threaten the survival of Soros and his village idi.ots.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 weeks

that's a good thing

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