Texas, North Carolina, Arizona see rising Covid-19 cases as they reopen

Texas, North Carolina, Arizona see rising Covid-19 cases as they reopen

Texas, North Carolina & Arizona are witnessing rising numbers of Covid-19 cases, as they try to reopen economies. Texas saw its largest one-day increase in cases on Sat, with 1,801 new cases. North Carolina also saw its largest single-day jump on Sat with 853 new cases. And Arizona too reported close to record high 462 new cases.This illustrates the risk of reopening amidst ongoing pandemic.

Matt 3 months

Of course the cases are rising but that shouldn't stop anywhere from reopening because hundreds of thousands of small businesses have been closed permanently, unemployment is rising, the economy has been destroyed, people are killing themselves over the all of this and the suicides are gonna continue are supposed to keep everything closed until the covid related suicides surpass the covid deaths

TheMadDane 3 months

AZ has had big testing "blitzes" over the last 2 weeks. So no big surprise to see a spike in cases. Gov. Ducey said there would be because of this, 3 weeks ago. Non story.

Dan 3 months

This Corona is just BS by now who gives a fk anymore? If your going to get it your going to get it. Stop being cry babies.

Sul Ki
Sul Ki 3 months

This virus is not going anywhere grow some balls and learn to live with it

T.N. Morgan
T.N. Morgan 3 months

Yeah, but were the cases serious? Did the infected people have to be hospitalized, put on a vent, etc? Or were they just asked to self quarantine at home, and a bad cough were the worst of their symptoms... like what happened to many people in my city. The hospitals here are fucking empty. Infected people are just recouping at home like they would with a cold.

Seekster 3 months

The Coronavirus isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It is not practical to keep the economy shut down until a vaccine is made and distributed. While many people will die if we reopen the economy, reopening the economy will still lessen the suffering. Right now far more people have been hurt by the Coronavirus's economic impact than the number hurt by the virus itself.

Jon 3 months

Alabama just reported they are out of ICU beds in Montgomery and Prattville, patients are being transferred to Birmingham now. All before the big opening weekend. 🤦‍♂️

Chris Austin
Chris Austin 3 months

Deaths are a lagging indicator. How are hospital admissions? That's the key indicator of a problem.

Fin 3 months

Just like the Spanish flu.. The second wave proved even deadlier.... Don't be caught up in the second wave... Covid isn't gone on summer vacation... It remains n won't hesitate to infect... Be smart..

Scott Curtis
Scott Curtis 3 months

Suicide is a personal choice. Catching and dying from covid is not. The two are not comparable in any way. Also, it's an overreaction. There aren't that many people making the personal victimless choice to end their lives at their own hand and at a time of their choosing. Covid on the other hand is killing hundreds of thousands of people in a horrifyingly awful way.

Steve 2 months

I'm convinced there is no scientific logic backing these decisions or statements that make an increase in number of infections seem like a problem. Of course the infection numbers are going to go up. That's to be expected. People are going to get exposed as restrictions get relaxed and if you are concerned or at high risk, stay in quarantine. Why is this so hard to understand?

Jack 3 months

It’s funny how fools will look only to their closest indicators for evidence while ignoring the bigger picture.

Aaron 3 months

And in the Czech republic the kids are drinking in the bars and not social distancing, no up tick in cases

AD C 3 months

Has they rate risen beyond what they can handle? Or is it within acceptable levels. Remember we were all told it was a matter of time before the virus hit everyone and we flattened the curve just so everyone would get the nessesarry treatment when they needed it.

Catfish 3 months

How? We in NC opened today..... I work in testing and facilities around Raleigh have been empty. Any new infections had to occur 4-10 days ago

shawn 3 months

As states reopen death toll are going keep going up and up but the economy is going to crash and burn

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