House Democrats seek protections for inspectors general

House Democrats seek protections for inspectors general

House Democrats has introduced legislation to protect inspectors general from political retaliation. This comes in the wake of President Trump having fired five watchdogs in the past three months. The bill, called the Inspector General Independence Act, aims to allow an inspector general to be fired only under certain circumstances and would require documentation be sent to Congress.

Gordon 1 weeks

Why not just write a bill saying Trump can't fire anyone registered as a democrat?

Paul C
Paul C 1 weeks

Blah, blah, blah, Trump, blah, blah blah. Bunch of noise about Trump, but what is the actual oversight for these politically appointed IG's in this proposed legislation?

Rocky 1 weeks

No thank you. Higher turn over helps to curb corruption. I'd be happier if they were all limited to a specific number of years or less. None of this mutlti decade unelected officials wielding so much power. This is absolutely the WRONG direction.

ladin 1 weeks

Careful what you wish for Democrats. When Senator Harry Reid changed the rules I n the Senate it bit him in the ass when the Republicans took control and now the rules didn’t favor Democrats anymore. Gravy on a goose is gravy on a gander.

Doug 1 weeks

Some IG protections from gratuitous/political firing - real reasons: “neglect of duty,” “malfeasance” and committing a “knowing violation of law or regulation.”

Aaron 1 weeks

Desperate to avoid their hangings

Skeptic 1 weeks

@Gordon @Paul @Doug: Inspectors General "Democrats", "Political Appointees" "neglect of duty" and "violation of law". Can you provide some evidence? Here is some information from the bios of IGs Trump fired: Glenn Fine: Inspector General since 2000. Served throughout GW Bush administration Michael Atkinson: Entered government to work in GW Bush Justice Dept. Christi Grimm: Appointed by Trump earlier this year Steve Linick: Appointed by Obama, confirmed by senate on voice vote Mitch Behm: Began work in Office of Inspector General in 2003 and served five years during GWBush administration.

Gary W
Gary W 1 weeks

If the intent is to put checks on an administration, then it makes no sense that they fall under the president jurisdiction. They should fall under Congress as part of oversight. However, with Congress's infighting and division, I am not sure that you can totally rule out partisan influence.

Shmee 1 weeks

Im sure people who know they can't be fired would always behave ethically...

Jason sherman
Jason sherman 1 weeks

Separation of powers. Moot point. Wishful thinking.

IIZard 1 weeks

Because the executive branch is run by the legislature.... Oh wait no

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