Michigan to stay at home through June 12

Michigan to stay at home through June 12

After declaration of a state of emergency Governor Whitmer extended the’Stay at Home’ order through June 12, to the chagrin of many Michigan Republicans. ’We must move with care, patience, and vigilance, recognizing the grave harm that this virus continues to inflict on our state and how quickly our progress in suppressing it can be undone.’ There are still daily protests of the orders.

The Biggest Bird
The Biggest Bird
Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 3 months

That's right. Keep pushing it back a little at a time. That makes it seem like restrictions are about to be lifted soon. Real soon. Continually really soon. What a joke.

Rocky 3 months

Yeah this will be the least followed order in history. This lady needs to be removed from office immediately before she does irreparable harm to her constituents. The legislature in Michigan has already denied her extended orders. She has no authority anymore.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 3 months

Stay Jobless. Save Lives, Not Yours.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 3 months

Fuck, I was going to work tomorrow but now I gotta protest

David 3 months

Please Michigan don't open until we have a vaccine or maybe at least not for a year or 2. Signed, your friends in Ohio

Highlander 3 months

The dem know they cannot come close to beating Trump on his economic record so they are using the pandemic as a political weapon to destroy the economy just to give themselves a better chance to win the election. It is pathetic and so transparent. Come the election, people will remember that Trump wants everyone to go back to work whereas the Dems as willing to destroy the economy, jobs and peoples livelihoods just for political advantage. Ir us all a game to them which America people lose their life savings. They seriously don't give a fuck about the America people.

Aaron 3 months

Thank you 😊. People are acting like total twats and are''t caring about each other. Since people do''t know how to behave, I applaud this.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 3 months

Man this guy just doesn't want to give up on releasing his power does he?

michael 3 months

probably shouldn't have clustered together and waved your genitals I mean guns in her face.

Jaguar634 3 months

Have to say I was surprised she extended it again.

Garthak 3 months

I will be legitimately surprised if she survives her election cycle.

Shalyn 3 months

Wow. Power hungry. Even the experts are saying it’s past time to reopen that the lock down or “ stay at home” orders were not meant to be prolonged. When even the experts are saying the opposite then why does she keep extending it. I think she forgot where she is. In America and no one gets to rule the population and those in charge are only in charge as long as they have the consent of the governed , she obviously does not and needs to be removed

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