Trump donates $100,000 to Heath and Human Services

Trump donates $100,000 to Heath and Human Services

Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary reported that Trump is set to donate $100,000 to the Health and Human Services (HHS) in order ’to develop new therapies for treating and preventing COVID-19.’ He had also donated his fourth-quarter salary to the HHS in March to help overcome the virus.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 weeks

Wow, he donates his whole $400k salary, wut a guy! You know what would be better? If he stopped golfing and used that taxpayer money to actually benefit taxpayers. “As of February, Trump’s golf trips cost the public $133.8 million, the equivalent of 334 years of his salary, according to an analysis by HuffPost.” What a scam artist!

Jack 1 weeks

A pittance at a PR attempt. Review what his golf entertainment and hotel lounging costs taxpayers.

FourAncientWhiteElephants 1 weeks

That's awesome and good on president Trump. It just sickens me that leftist media outlets won't admit it's a nice thing and feel obligated to spin it into anything other than a selfless gesture.

truth_for_all 1 weeks

So for a billionaire that is like $10 .... so proud of his generosity.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

2021 is going to cry so hard they'll have floods around his house. Too bad the Democrats use dirty politics to select their candidates over the will of their voters.

Deimantas 1 weeks

who is heath and why this mans getting so much money

redhandsbluefaces 1 weeks

The irony, the same people who want higher taxes also hate it when Trump takes a golf trip that costs the taxpayer, which is the equivalent of paid time off for a blue collar worker. Trump lowered your taxes, increased and protected your Rights and freedoms, cut regulations on small businesses, and overall gave us the best economy in decades. Not to mention he donates his salary which very few Presidents have done. You all need to seek professional help for your TDS.

michael 1 weeks

oooOooOoooOoo! soooOOOooo much mooooOOooOny!

😈😈😈😈😈 1 weeks

You left out the part about his blond bimbo revealing his bank details.

Steve 1 weeks

He who giveth taket more. Canceling Obamacare is probably billions. I’d like to see the check with his name on it. I suspect putting his name on stimulus checks cost more than a 100k. Don’t forget his foundation was fined a million dollars.

Aaron 1 weeks

You know he cut over 4 million dollars from that, right? What a good PR stunt.

Jon 1 weeks

Lol. Governor Pugs Pritzker donated 2 million.

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