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US proposes global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%

US proposes global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%

The US Treasury said that corporations around the world should pay at least a 15% tax on their earnings, as part of its push for a global minimum for businesses. The Treasury release that said the 15% minimum is a ’floor and that discussions should continue to be ambitious and push that rate higher.’ Treasury Secy. Yellen said that such a tax would discourage companies from relocating domiciles.

Gabriel Bertsch
Gabriel Bertsch 4 weeks

These Democrats never learn. They bury their States in taxes to pay for cycling ways and then people leave. Fk corporations, but taxation is theft. Wrong!

Rocky 4 weeks

Haha. We have been over that for a long time in the US. It doesn't help in any way. Reduce the taxes. Ease the burden on the working class for once. These politicians love the corporations and the corporations love high taxes and regulations on their industries. It's the best way to keep the poor poor and the competition priced out of entry.🤦🏽‍♂️

Dave 4 weeks

Yeah, you make every country set a 15% corporation tax by threatening to ban trade with them. Awesome. Till China comes along, sets a 10% corporation tax and all corporations move under the banner of the CCP. Well done.

AD C 4 weeks

When Politicians realize that raising corporate taxes to high will cause corporations to relocate to other countries. Republicans: "We need to lower the tax right or other countries will steal that tax revenue from us!" Democrats: "We must force a minimum corporate tax rate on the entire World!" While Republicans can certainly be accussed of appeasement, I really can't help but feel this is another case of the US forcing it's politics on the rest of the World for it's own self interest. If another country government can cover all of it's expense at a lower tax rate then the US it should be free to do so, and reap the added benefit of being a more attractive location for corporations to set up there headquarters in.

rick 4 weeks

Why is the conversation never geared toward reducing government spending?

RedTsunami2020 4 weeks

This is a globalist assault to garner huge dollars to line the elites pockets! Dont be fooled that this will somehow help anyone but the puppet masters! And just what do they plan to spend this money on? Whatever happened to no taxation without representation? Americans need to refuse to have any tax implemented that goes to unelected bureaucrats.

Morbo 4 weeks

High taxes, that will fix the problem. If the problem is freedom and individual rights. Every failed staye in South America and Africa has high tax, its why companies dont invest there.

solodolo 4 weeks

And this is why Democrats shouldn't be in full control of fiscal policy. When will they understand that you simply cannot tax your way to prosperity, income equality and growth. The increase in gov will always outpace any tax revenue received. We literally spend close to 65% annually on defense and SS alone. And it only gets bigger every year. You have to give both wealthy and middle class folks a reason to save and incentive to earn more so they can keep more.

Nathan  Hough
Nathan Hough 4 weeks

I have an idea Anyone who has ever held public office must pay double taxes And it will go up for every term you have held office So if you have spent 4 terms in office you pay 4 times the taxes

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 4 weeks

This is similar to CA wanting to tax people 10 years after they leave the state. There is no way to enforce this, so it's a pointless, click bate statement.

Viviko 4 weeks

No. Why the **** would you tell other countries how much they should tax their companies? It’s not your coubtry. So it’s not your business.

Rocket 4 weeks

We knew these CORRUPT Deep State, LUNATICS🤡💩 were going to try and push a global tax and try and us" "Climate Chan"e" as the justification. Whether taxed or not,'I'd be willing to bet the climate continues to change, like it has always done, since the beginning of its existence. And who benefits from this new GLOBAL TAX?!! Th't's right the same CORRUPT SCUMBAGS that infiltrated our government in 1913 and created the Federal Income Tax in the USA, the private Western Central Bankers!🤡💩

nathan 4 weeks

This is antithetical to American freedom and independence! This is insane!!!!!!! These ideologs in the biden administration ate LITERALLY trying to destroy America.

Greg King
Greg King 4 weeks

Quick question name one business that pays taxes, none of them due, whatever products or services they sell the prices simply go up and increases expenses to all, yet the democrats get to claim they claim they did not raise taxes on the low and middle income people.

TexasReb 4 weeks

Meaning that the Current Administration and their out of control spending can't complete economically on the world stage.

bobby_5150 4 weeks

If tbe Democrats can get a global tax rate, there wouldn't be anywhere for corporations to run to.

Seekster 4 weeks

Fine if you can get everyone to do it. We already can't afford the programs we currently have but raising taxes won't help much if you don't also cut spending.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 weeks

I thought this administration wasn’t going to go around telling the world what to do. I thought all the lefties said THAT was “imperialism, colonialism, expansionism” and all the other “isms” that make us so very bad and evil. I was told by college students it was wrong for you to tell others how to live, what to do. But now it’s ok? Edit: spelling

Kamran 4 weeks

We're gonna destroy our competitive advantage, so you must too. Yes, they'll buy into that...

TheMadDane 4 weeks

Maybe stop bailing corporations out with trillions of taxpayer dollars before you want to get a little back through taxes that corps don't pay anyway. I mean it's truly asinine.

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