Japanese wrestling star Hana Kimura dies aged 22

Japanese wrestling star Hana Kimura dies aged 22

Hana Kimura, a professional Japanese wrestler, has died at the age of 22. Kimura appeared in the latest series of Netflix’s reality show Terrace House. The cause of death was not immediately clear. Shortly before her death, Kimura had issued a series of social media posts implying she had been cyber-bullied. Her most recent update on her Instagram story had a caption that read ’goodbye’.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 1 weeks

Sad, in Germany the cancel Culture and social media bullying by the left on Conservatives is "accepted bullying", and encouraged. Unrelated to the story, but thought people need to know that Twitter Shitstorming on "Wrong Thinkers" is also cyber bullying.

noneofyour business
noneofyour business 1 weeks

We need to stay off of social media. There are too many people whose only validation is the destruction of another human being.

makkusu 1 weeks

Rest in Peace

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 1 weeks

22?! That's nothing short of tragic. Her life was just beginning! F

I'm Giw
I'm Giw 1 weeks

Damned idiot wasted her one chance. If only she could see that it's just the internet.

Milkshake 1 weeks

rip, but did the pic have to be those colors?

Sterling 1 weeks

Sometimes I wish there were laws in place that discourages online harassment of any kind of. It be censoring But it helps to have some kind of due process online.

Kyle G
Kyle G 1 weeks

Stories like this are put out there to encourage people to be on the side of censorship. Teach your kids to not be so sensitive people.

James 1 weeks

Rest in peace beautiful young girl

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 weeks

Terrible terrible tragedy.

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