j_hat 1 months

The need for research and debate and changing one's position is reasonable - especially in scientific research. Different opinions on the conclusions are inevitable, and knowledgeable debate is healthy. The problem the public experiences though, is that initial conclusions, based on limited data and research is often stated as fact. Parts of the scientific community imply that assumptions are fact and we just need to trust and comply with their recommendations. Making it even worse, policy makers take whatever side of the data best serves their interests and then push whatever recommendations suit their agendas. End result? Distrust in the scientific community.

michael 1 months

science is a process. as studies are done new information requires interpretation.

Filthificate 1 months

Because they are people. People have different thoughts and different interpretations of studies, data and models. The real problem is that the media a a portion of the populace expect them to be some kind of monolith.

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