Trump considers panel to check social media for anti-conservative bias: WSJ

Trump considers panel to check social media for anti-conservative bias: WSJ

As per the WSJ, President Trump is considering a commission to investigate social media for bias against conservative views. As recently as May 16, Trump tweeted that ’The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. The Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation’. The commission is expected to work in conjunction with the FCC and FEC.

M Medi
M Medi 1 weeks

I totally agree with him, but it’s just gonna result in taxpayers money wasted on what we already know, “of course they’re fuc***biased” I rather someone create an unbiased social app that Trump promotes on Twitter then after dump Twitter 4 the new 1. Obviously because of who he is people would start using it either to agree with him or bash him. This site would obviously be uncensored but with the option 2 block whatever u wanted instead of some person at corporate doing it 4 u. Oh well, wishful thinking

Dylan 1 weeks

About damn time! The bias against conservatives is ridiculous, and I'm not even a conservative.

Braces4Impact 1 weeks

Trump thinks FOX is biased because of some very slight criticism on rare occasions. The entire conservative Trump movement is a victimhood mentality. The panel itself would be biased.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 1 weeks

Rather than look at their bias it's instead important to know what they are. Platform or publisher? In one sense FB, YT and Twitter are platforms, in that they enable communication and distribution of information. A publisher decides what is newsworthy, so to speak. FB, Twitter and YT have been acting as publishers. The rules for them depend on how they are viewed. A legal ruling ought to be made before moving forward with investigating them.

John 1 weeks

Trumps just a shock jock IMPOTUS. Every day he's spewing controversy.

Kyle G
Kyle G 1 weeks

Who cares what someone’s “bias” is? Just allow people to say what ever they want as long as it’s not a call to violence. Freedom of speech should apply to all social media platforms.

Dave 1 weeks

Need a digital bill of rights so no one can be banned from social media sites for their opinions.

Carol 1 weeks

That's right, Trump, make all your little KKK, red-neck, ignorant followers as complaintant as you are!

Seekster 1 weeks

Good. Do it!

Rep Crusher
Rep Crusher 1 weeks

Conservatives have a unnatural size of media coverage. They're opinions are not a reflection of American value. They want more propaganda and more misinformation.

6Million$Mansplainer 1 weeks

All the TDSers, why would a "panel", doing a study and reporting findings, bother you or anyone? This isn't a committee or any group carrying any other weight of power than......the panel's opinion. Which if the findings are pro-bias: MSM is, "Trump is bad and wrong, and killing our democracy and he's orange". If the findings are anti-bias: MSM is, "Trump is stupid and wasteful, and killing our democracy and he's orange". Now that we've determined the TDS outrage of a panel is silly, we don't even need to get into the trash opinion pieces that pass for "journalistic news" on News Voice. And the only msm source, abc, is about a NASA visit. These are clearly written to whoop up the "angry mommies" and other twitteratti feelz panders. Trump whistles, and the media and NPCs starts barking, like old stupid dogs at the wind, lol, it's so easy.

Michael 1 weeks

I don't care about bias, but this is the best way to get something passed to protect us from companies censoring free speach in fear of angering authoritarian regimes. Let Republicans get their anti-bias law if it can protect us from forign powers, like China, as well. Online free speach bill, please.

AbsentSal 1 weeks

The only problem is that liberals post stuff that you might probably disagree with, and conservative like posting outright lies. And they seem to think it's the same thing.

Fin 1 weeks

More bs.. From the bored king

Larry 1 weeks

Can command people to love him he is a gross despicable human being he deserves to be hated conservatives are liars and there are policy and proposals are fairy tales it's not Discrimination is just reality

Daniel G
Daniel G 1 weeks

Interesting take by Mr. Trump considering my Facebook feed is full of nothing but conservative right wing nut job nonsense.

cledge fenrir
cledge fenrir 1 weeks

My understanding the premises is of the bias of the platforms themselves, not comments.

Tag 1 weeks

So get off social media or start your own app if you wanna cry about it. They're just apps. Don't use them if you don't like them. Pretty simple. It's been years since I used them

yuckycrumpet 1 weeks

MM. cool. I’ll make the app. You convince trump to push something unbiased. Good luck.

sbrem 1 weeks

This is a terrible idea, because regardless of your political beliefs, this panel will have a bias.

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