Study of other strains of coronavirus finds immunity fades after six months

Study of other strains of coronavirus finds immunity fades after six months

A research study of four strains of coronavirus from the Univ. of Amsterdam finds immunity fades after a period of six months. The research conducted for 35 years (n=10) for 4 coronaviruses causing common cold showed that antibody levels drop 6 months post-recovery. The study did not include the virus that causes COVID-19

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 1 months

This based on less than six months worth of data. I'm sure it's totally reliable.

Rocky 1 months

These daily contradictions are getting tiresome, bywe should have already guessed that immunity would be temporary or seasonal with an rna virus that mutates so frequently. Good thing it's not seriously dangerous to the majority of the public.

Skeptic 1 months

Terrible reporting and initial summary. This is one study of 10 people of different strains of coronaviruses. It is suggestive, at best, of how long immunity to COVID-19 will persist and suggesting it should have implications for public policy is jumping WAY ahead of the evidence. ... It is stuff like this that undermines confidence in science.

Pj 1 months

I feel like there is too much information for how little we know about covid, we will have a million wrong theories but stop acting like you know your correct

Joseph 1 months

Sounds pretty similar to having to get the flu shot every year for new 'immunity'

Matthew 1 months

Let me be frank, I do not fucking care.

That Guy
That Guy 1 months


Randy Rand
Randy Rand 1 months

So can someone explain why a vaccine is even viable?????

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