Over 40 churchgoers get coronavirus after attending service

Over 40 churchgoers get coronavirus after attending service

More than 40 people have tested positive for COVID-19 following a church service in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier this month. The service took place on May 10 at a Baptist church. Churches in the German state of Hesse, where Frankfurt is located, have been able to hold services since May 1 provided they adhere to social distancing and hygiene rules.

User Inactive
User Inactive 1 months

From the Greman outlet dpa agency, "Most of them are not seriously ill. As far as we know only one person has been admitted to hospital,” Rene Gottschalk, who is head of the city’s health department." And how many of those who did get infected were not taking proper safety precautions? I do not see how this should discourage the reopening of churches given proper safety precautions are followed.

Robin-Neil 1 months

This really is unfair- inadvertently or blatently this type of news is casting Christians in a negative light. Perhaps a narrative secular 'powers' wish to increase so as to sanction all kinds of bans on religious gatherings further down the line? And to what end? Obviously we should all take precautions and it risk our lives. But I reckon we should keep tabs on how this type of subtle narrative is being woven and to be honest has been woven from the very beginning of time...

David Webb
David Webb 1 months

Do they even have working tests yet?

michael 1 months

I mean, fucking DUH! pray from home god'll hear you. Matthew 6:6

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