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Trump takes first golf outing since pandemic broke out

Trump takes first golf outing since pandemic broke out

On his first golf outing since the White House declared a national emergency, President Trump visited his golf resort outside Washington, D.C. in what many have called a purposeful display of normalcy. This was Trump’s first time at a golf property since March 8, when he visited his club in West Palm Beach, Florida. This month Trump has visited Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Joseph 6 months

Honestly, good for him. Some of those briefings looked like his team had a lack of sleep and rest from everything going on.

ConcealCarryProtect 6 months

Good for him. I've been to outdoor shooting ranges and the river with my family. No reason to be stuck at home.

Stephen 6 months

Seems golf would be the best sport to play in the COVID era. Always outside, only one person per half acre... Good on you, Mr. President. Just get back to work soon.

Manuel 6 months

Nurses: *goof around on tiktok* People: Trump: *has first golf outing in a while* Everyone: 🤬🤬

truth_for_all 6 months

In 2014 on Fox and Friends he criticized Obama for golfing when there were *two cases* of Ebola in the United States saying, "it sends the wrong signal" and he should have given up golf as president "to really focus on the job." .... hypocrite again

Robert_Clearwater 6 months

So many of these stupid tabloid magazines like slate and others will be gone after Trump, because Trumpism and this braggadocious behavior will leave when his presidency is over in 4 more years. Who will they write about if not for him? Fake news is so prevalent right now because it's so easy to make a rage bait article about orange man bad and 638K711 people will read it and look at the advertisements.

JMMA-Z 6 months

He deserves it. Hope he gets more in.

A 6 months

3 completely different articles of news, again! this happens way too often. newsvoice is shit.

Hasegawa Fish
Hasegawa Fish 6 months

Wow, I've seen so many posts on various social media claiming he's been going golfing practically every weekend during the emergency, that it's actually a bit surprising to read this is the first time in two months.

christine hancock
christine hancock 6 months

President Trump probably shouldn't play golf seeing as how critical he was of Obama's golfing, but whatever. I don't care all that much. I was always said Mr. Obama was far more productive out of the green than in the Oval Office. What I'm most curious about is who President Trump is golfing with. That's the thing to watch. Trump tends to network and strike informal deals over a round of golf, so I would love to know who his golf partners are.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 6 months

The real reason Trumpy is so keen to end the lock down. With time running out he must have hated not being able to shovel more treasury cash into his businesses for so long. 😂

Jack 6 months

Gotta pack the budget back in the coffers.

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