Trump campaign launches ’You Ain’t Black’ website

Trump campaign launches ’You Ain’t Black’ website

Taking on Joe Biden, President Trump’s 2020 campaign has created a website as part of efforts to capitalize on a controversy Biden finds himself embroiled in. In an interview, Biden said that black Americans who have a hard time ’figuring out’ whether to support him or Trump ’ain’t black’. The Trump campaign said the site is ’a reminder that Biden thinks he owns the Black vote’.

TheCurrentModality 1 months

@truth_for_all, you complete miss the point, Biden IS the racist. He believes as most of the leftists do, they OWN the black vote. Trump invites blacks to vote for him. Joe Biden and people like you demand it. You might want to check your Leftist Priveledge at the door. You are sounding like an owner.

Sage 1 months

Well we have actually seen the video of him saying it, & in full context. The entire discourse was aired, a good bit both before & after the comment ... so the source is him. It is actually worse than that, a man who happened to be black was trying to ask him a question, & said he was trying to decide what would be best for his family. Biden repeatedly talked over him in a jeering voice, with a lot of “C’mon, Man ...” interjected over what the guy was trying to ask. I suppose this means he was using what he deems to be black street vernacular because his voice & inflection totally changed as he did all this. Then he said how can you question my record & all I’ve done (??which is what??) is was a how dare you question my magnificence stance. He also said the NAACP has endorsed me every time I’ve run. (Note that he Lost every time. He did not ever win anything. Obama did & he is still trying to ride his coattails). The NAACP immediately came out with a statement that they were nonpartisan & had Never endorsed anyone at any level. So just something else he made up & lied about. Why would you speak to some constituents differently than others? Why not just be yourself & answer the question? Does he really think they will believe he’s from ‘the hood’? He lives in the whitest place in America in a 12,000’ gated house. So you see the “you ain’t black” jeer was the least of it. You just had to stare in wonder as you watch this. He is so out of touch, & so condescending, it was painful to watch. Does he really believe that blacks are simpletons with no brain to weigh their options like everyone else? Does he try (abysmally) to be part of every ethnic group depending on who he is talking to? He acts like he is a frustrated plantation owner having to reply to a slave in 1820 , not a Presidential candidate in 2020. I still can’t believe they chose him. Sad. smh

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 1 months

Needs more liberal sources. I'm going to see if I can find some. Not good to have only one POV. Wow, it's very difficult to find liberal sources for this. I submitted one link but it has to be checked out first.

Timothy 1 months

I think ‘Black Joe’ will regret what he said.

Seekster 1 months

I have a feeling "You ain't black" is Joe Biden's "basket of deplorables".

truth_for_all 1 months

You aint black if you support white supremacists. Not the most eloquent Biden statement, but then again, Trump can't spell eloquent.

User Inactive
User Inactive 1 months

You ain't black if you don't vote as we say, boy. Lest we forget...

Dallas 1 months

Imagine after Covid still thinking Dems represent blacks, the working class or the little guy. Brilliant move by Trump!

Hector 1 months

Ok, thats pretty hilarious. Lmao

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 1 months

Life is really just a meme now

Rocky 1 months

Savage AF! I love it!

Kortez 1 months

Wow... that was a great move.

Garland 1 months

Not smart, considering that Trump has a big history towards racism against us since '73 & in which someone can easily air it for everyone to see. And I know that Trump cultists out here will be willingly ignorant saying stuff like "How is Trump racist?", etc., so don't even try it, because people like me know you very well now. It's easily found on Google.

fish 1 months

“Owns the black vote”...? I’m more interested in how many “Blacks” Joe owns directly...

Neonzz_ 1 months

The only way they can fix this is by voting by mail. Which we all know Is going to be rigged

GreenPartyFTW 1 months

More WWE in professional politics. "The issue is not the issue...the issue is power. Social power exists in three realms-government, the economy, and the culture. Each of these three realms of social power is the site of class conflict." ---Michael Lind

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 1 months


michael 1 months

Biden already apologized. a thing trump will never do.

Zodd3224 1 months

RIP Biden

Aaron 1 months

Biden is an awesome speech writer for Trump

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