Suspect arrested in nursing home assault captured on video

Suspect arrested in nursing home assault captured on video

Cops in Detroit have arrested a 20-year-old nursing home patient for assault and battery after a video showed him repeatedly punching a 75-year-old patient in the same facility in the face. The incident occurred May 15. The 75-year-old patient was injured and taken to a hospital. The father of the suspect claims his son has a history of mental illness, and shouldn’t have been in the facility.

Blaeingr 1 months

Sadly nursing homes can become dumping grounds for all sorts including the suspect (he hasn't been convicted). The fact that the dude thought it was a good idea to beat someone AND video speaks more of a hateful criminal than someone with mental issues. Millions of people with mental issues don't go out of there way to target an elderly white guy, possibly because he was elderly and white, and attack them. It almost seems the guy made a video because he thought he would be a hero of some sort. But regardless, he is simply scum.

edwin 1 months

Glad they caught the dumb bastard. Hope he likes bottom bunk in jail, going to prison for elderly abuse is not gonna earn him any breathing room.

Sage 1 months

Regardless of who sent him there it is corruption on Westwood’s part. They knew damn well he was not a fit for a nursing home but wanted the money for the body count. They must be shut down.

IIZard 1 months

I hope this xxxxxxx xxxx hangs.

General Zap
General Zap 1 months

Fracking Code 1352's...

dan 1 months

well I can agree w/ that 100%

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