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Trump threatens to move Republican Convention if North Carolina doesn’t reopen

Trump threatens to move Republican Convention if North Carolina doesn’t reopen

President Trump suggested that Republicans may have to move this year’s convention from its planned site in Charlotte, North Carolina. The state has moved to Phase 2 of its reopening, allowing barbershops, public pools and restaurants with 50% capacity to reopen. However it is unclear whether a convention with tens of thousands of attendees expected would be allowed to be conducted.

Commodore 3 months

And the man-child bully strikes again. Well, at least der Führer Trump is consistent.

Morbo 3 months

FYI left and rightwing media, its only a threat if he doesn't intend to do it Given his record on this sort of thing, Id bet my left nut he will do it.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 3 months

So is it a “threat” to suggest moving a convention from a state if the state is locked down and by law you cannot have a convention? I know it’s the media’s job to spin this and create a narrative that trump is a bully or whatever but to the people who buy it did you just think for five seconds about why it might make sense to move a convention out of a state that is locked down or not? Edit: autocorrect

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 3 months

Headline sounds bad. Trump actually said he has to move it because he needs a place where thousands of people can gather. If that's not NC then he needs to go elsewhere. It wasn't a threat.

michael 3 months

if trump wants the states to reopen, he has to crank up testing, and we can't just test those who show symptoms, and we absolutely can't be charging people.

IIZard 3 months

Seems logical to me, move to a state that allows conventions to have your convention

Starl3ss Kn1ght
Starl3ss Kn1ght 3 months

That is about as much if a treat as telling your kid that if they don't move their bike out of the driveway you will run it over next time. It's called bluffing. Trump does it a lot. A good bluff is worth it. You get up and walk away from a bad deal, knowing the other party wants the deal just as much as you do. It will make them come to you with a better deal a significant portion of the time.

Alt Porcus
Alt Porcus 3 months

Trump keeping the deflection on the States. Coming your way soon 'China, Who and Obama. Followed by some controversy over some cure or tablet to take. Trumpus the Shock Joke pulling out every diversion to detract away from the pandemic.

Carol 3 months

Good! Then taxpayers won't have an excessive bill bc of your "rowdy" GOP party.

Will Miller
Will Miller 3 months

Just do it in Wisconsin or Florida

Aaron 3 months

Man he acts like a child...

Fin 3 months

Just gonna peel off more voters who got their eyes opened up during the pandemic...

ian 3 months

Lol a “threat” ?? this is just a logistical solution to a problem haha it’s hilarious how hard the left wants us to hate everything about trump, that it doesnt even make sense why youd hate certain things soooo much lol if thousands of people can’t gather for their convention then there’s no point in having it in that location. It kind of reminds me of Orwell where he talks about the society having 15 minutes of hate every day. Thats every left media outlet about trump the last 4 years

Bryan Shoemaker
Bryan Shoemaker 3 months

Well if the state is locked down then technically he would have to move it somewhere else because the state is locked down. I'm starting to believe that reporters don't actually exist anymore.

Ethan 3 months

If he does yank it out of North Carolina would that ne a good thing since nobody would have to listen to him ramble on about things that have no bearing on reality or the situation the U.S. is in right now.

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