Biden emerges from quarantine on Memorial Day

Biden emerges from quarantine on Memorial Day

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made his first public appearance after more than 2 months in quarantine amid the Covid-19 crisis. Biden left his home on Monday to lay a wreath at the Delaware Memorial Bridge Veteran’s Memorial Park. Biden and his wife were dressed in black – including black face masks – while visiting the park. ’It feels good to be out of my house,’ Biden said.

Rocky 1 months

Amazingly he made it through the entire event without making out with his granddaughter, sniffing any little girls, making a racist comment, sexually assaulting any staffers, or completely losing his train of thought 15 times. Congrats Jim Crow Joe!

TheCurrentModality 1 months

After bravely hiding in his basement for two months, sleepy Joe emerges in a designer mask. To take on the scary virus. Great leader.

bobby_5150 1 months

Why was he wishing everyone a very merry Christmas?

Gordon 1 months

Ten minutes after arriving, he started whining about needing a nap.

Aaron 1 months

Good thing for silver alerts! He might have been lost to us forevermore!

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