Outrage as woman calls cops on man who asked her to leash dog

Outrage as woman calls cops on man who asked her to leash dog

A video from NYC’s Central Park has gone viral showing a white woman calling the cops on a black man who asked her to leash her dog. The park’s rules require that dogs be leashed. The footage, posted by the man’s sister, shows the woman marching towards the man, demanding he stop filming. The woman is seen threatening to call the cops and tell them an African American man is threatening her life.

I have no idea
I have no idea 1 months

She is a garbage human. I get not wanting to leash you dog but calling the cops on someone for asking you to leash is stupid.

Rocky 1 months

These Karens are getting bold now that their faces are hidden behind a mask. I love how this lockdown has brought so many out for us to laugh at. This video is actually pretty mild compared to many I've seen though.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

What a garbage person. People like her, Karens or whatever the male equivalent is, should be fined for wasting time and resources. This way, maybe these people will think twice before becoming a child.

intherough 1 months

I agree this is awful. Definitely racist undertones. No reason for it at all. I feel bad for her that she lives her life like this. However, Is it necessary to counter with a sexist, possibly ageist name like Karen? I guess because people don't like what she did, she's a vile human being and deserves it, making all kinds of assumptions about her character. Hopefully, she will learn a lot about herself from this. Doesn't seem like people who insist on name calling are any better than her, though. Sayin'.

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 1 months

I thought we stopped describing people by the colour of their skin because it was always black people causing all the crimes. Now its a white women, probably a Karen, we have to point out she is white. If she was a black woman and he was a white man, would skin colour be mentioned? Black woman probably wouldn't call the cops for fear the cops would turn up and beat her.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 1 months

She's human, entitled trash. Hope she gets ticketed for wasting police time. But I like it. "Please don't come close to me." "There's an African-American man threatening my life." Given that she knew he was recording how did she think she's get away with that lie?

Seekster 1 months

At least one news story misdefined what Karen meant. A Karen can be someone of any race (though usually a white female) who complains that she doesn't get special treatment because she is Karen and she needs to speak to your manager. The race of the people in this story is unimportant. Woman takes dog off leash in park where that is against the rules. Man tells woman to leash her dog. Woman calls police on man and tries to claim the man is threatening her. Cops arrive and find that the woman is full of crap. Everyone goes home without incident.

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill 1 months

Karen’s always get pissed when you tell them to leash their dogs

That's Kinda Mean
That's Kinda Mean 1 months

That's kinda mean

Shamura 1 months

Should have had the dog leashed if that's the law of the park. But the worst type of people are those who take up their phone and film situations like this, trying to shame them into submission.

Timothy 0 months

She was incredibly stupid and clearly needed to be punished. It seems public ridicule, the loss of her job and the embarrassment of an apology will not be enough and now the Social Justice Tards will just keep going until they quench the fires of their own self righteousness. Time to move on, deal with bigger issues and let the girl learn and make amends.

Mutatis 1 months

What happened before the recording started? Is there any good detail on that, as I am cautious these days of merely taking a short video and the mob narrative that results at value.

Fin 1 months

Oh my Karen got her dog taken from her and lost her job for pulling her crap... Score one for the bird watchers...

Fin 1 months

Karen now that u have lost your job and your dog for pulling your crap.. Was it worth it... Your cough cough apology you still cast asspersions. It's a bird watching park... N hello cockers are hunting dogs that flush bushes to get the birds up.... Wait don't say u have friends that are black..Best you stay up on Park Avenue n panhandle like now that ur newly unemployed... Score one for the bird watchers trying to preserve the park

Jon 0 months

HE even told HER to back away from HIM before she calls in a racist fake hysteria 911 call. Unreal, and notice the second she leashes her dog like he asked (and is required where they were) he said thank you. That's all.

NeverMetTheGuy 1 months

Maybe the next time her puppydog isn't on a lead, she'll fall in an open manhole cover... Then Karen can say it's sexist as well.

Life of Ri
Life of Ri 1 months


Lørd Grim
Lørd Grim 1 months

This is a prime example of why people think “all white people are racist” -As said by my wife.

Christopher Wellsley
Christopher Wellsley 0 months

Karens gonna Karen

owen 1 months

Karen strikes again

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