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Coronavirus is killing far more young people in developing countries: Report

Coronavirus is killing far more young people in developing countries: Report

The death rate of young people because of Covid-19 is far higher in the developing countries than that in the developed ones, reported the Washington Post. In Brazil, people under 50 account for 5% of deaths, 10 times greater than that recorded in Italy or Spain, and in Mexico, nearly one-4th of the dead were aged between 25 and 49. In India, nearly half of the dead this month were younger than 60

Alex 4 months

"The Post reported that people under 50 made up 5% of deaths, and nearly half of the dead in India were younger than 60. " So 95% of deaths are people OVER 50. And how MUCH YOUNGER than 60 are the people dying in India? Still over 50? If the article posted a chart of the ranges of those affected, we could judge these statistics for ourselves. Instead, they are picked (strangely) for us. Hmmmmm. .

Flitch 4 months

Well it's not surprising, they have a much younger population, poor sanitation, poor diet and poor healthcare. The fact their immune systems are dealing with a tone of crap that better country's don't have to deal with would effect it surely. Or maybe it mutated, but my money is on poor people living in crappy conditions.

Aaron 4 months

Are they calling car accidents covid 19 deaths now

Blaeingr 4 months

Age is not the only factor, a huge factor was comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, and anything that affects the immune system. Failure to mention any of the common comorbidities smacks of message crafting to support political theme or simply incompetence.

Timothy 4 months

Not wishing to start a conspiracy theory but Brazil has significant form in permitting their police officers to murder street kids.

Indo 4 months

That's why they are called viruses. They kill where n when they can. Don't matter to them. It's how nature cracks it's whip. Still don't care about overpopulation all over the world !?

Lesley 4 months

In places like India and Brazil the poor can't afford to go out drinking and socialising, and they're less likely to work outside the home.

Rose 4 months

The problem is that young people have no patience at all being told what to do, let alone being told to stay home to keep others healthy. So, it stands to reason that they are getting sick more than other demographics. Very sad.

Lesley 4 months

Since when is a business insider left wing? Demonstrates a lack of understanding of the political ideology of the left wing.

Fin 4 months

How many were using hydrochloroquine for malaria pre infection in India.. They give it out like candy

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