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Widower asks Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to delete Trump’s conspiratorial tweets

Widower asks Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to delete Trump’s conspiratorial tweets

Timothy Klausutis, the widowed husband of Lori Klausutis, a former intern at the congressional office of Joe Scarborough, has written to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and has requested him to pull down some tweets of President Donald Trump. President Trump has repeatedly suggested that Scarborough may have been responsible for the death of Klausutis, when she was interning under him.

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 4 months

They got no problem calling for free speech when it is convenient for them and their lies, but when it is coming from their opponents they quickly call for the removal of free speech. Typical leftist/liberal hypocrisy.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 4 months

Free speech Trumps all. Honestly I don’t see how what Trump is saying for political gain and I wonder where the widow was when Scarborough was joking about killing the intern to hide the affair. This just seems like more OrAnGe MaN bAD BS coming from “entertainment” media

edwin 4 months

Question. How did Lori Klausutis die? Her cause of death is listed as hitting her head after passing due to a mitral prolapse. But she ran a 8k marathon the month before, if walking across an office put her in vtac or vfib, that marathon should have blown her heart out.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

The top tier of Karens

Fatman in Paradise
Fatman in Paradise 4 months

Ok Karen, we'll ban you first.

Dave 4 months

No, you can't censor or otherwise prevent the President talking to the people. It is their right to hear what he has to say, good or bad. If you think he is lying, then sue him for defamation. But in America it is everyone's right to say what they want. OJ can't take down a tweet from someone saying they think he's a murderer.

Rose 4 months

Yeah, this is what we get when a mentally ill person is in charge of our country. Conspiracies. It blows my mind that up to 40% of our country considers him to be "strong." Perhaps that is because they relate to his mental illness.

MozartFX 4 months

Trump seems to have hit a sore spot.

Michael 4 months

A widow asks to take a post down and y'all act like fucking Hyenas, hope y'all proud of yourselves

J3 4 months

This is distraction. How come I haven't seen any news article about the bail out they just passed for mayor corporations while the rest of the population are left with a $1200 check.

Jack 4 months

If someone lies he’s mad. If he lies and is accused of it; he’s mad. Twitter is a private company. They have the right to control THEIR platform how they see fit. I’m not about censorship, it’s the wrong way to go about anything. Dump plays the same games as the Twits.

cam s
cam s 4 months

annd in ovver here like shut the fuck up karen

Binx1 4 months

Controversial comments are fine everyone is free to say what they want we put up with the media propaganda machine, and Ads, and teachers buses and a bunch of other bullshit So what somebody's got an opinion somebody has a thought big deal build a bridge and get over it .

Cerberus Rex
Cerberus Rex 4 months

Looks like he did get flagged, he's going full Karen now.

Barry 4 months

Probably because Trump is trying to cover for the fact that he killed her

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