DOJ shuts insider trading probes into three senators

DOJ shuts insider trading probes into three senators

The DOJ has ended its investigation into three senators who were under scrutiny for stock trades made before the COVID-19 pandemic roiled the financial, while an investigation into a fourth senator remains ongoing. Senators Kelly Loeffler, Jim Inhofe and Dianne Feinstein are no longer being investigated. GOP Senator Richard Burr remains under investigation.

6Million$Mansplainer 1 months

They let the Dem off too, and still looking into one of the Rs. I'm not sure this is the "scandal" to hang your hat on.

John W
John W 1 months

Because they all do it. How Nancy Pelosi made hundred of millions in Congress. 60 mins report.

Pryotra 1 months

Feinstein has a history that's both public and documented. I highly doubt that this happened in a vacuum. Most likely, a deal was struck.

Rose 1 months

Of course they did! Did anyone really think that this corrupt administration would allow any of their senators being investigated? It might get too close to the Donald. When he said clean up the swamp, he meant MORE swamp.

edwin 1 months

This makes absolutely no sense...

Jon 1 months

Now Inhoff was not even at the meeting and Feinstein has a blind trust. My question is, how the F did Loefflers get off the hook. She was at the meeting, she is married to the CEO of the stock exchange, and she bought Citrix stock. Oh wait I know why, Burr didn't push back against impeachment.

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