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Some TV stations are airing Amazon corporate PR as news

Some TV stations are airing Amazon corporate PR as news

Amazon has been feeding talking points, video footage, and messaging about their workplace safety to local television news stations. At least 11 stations aired it as if they created the ’news’ segments. The footage and script are designed to paint Amazon in a positive light as it faces a torrent of bad media coverage and criticism over its handling of workplace safety issues during the pandemic.

Forrest 3 months

Breaking news! Major American corporations that are profiting off of a pandemic are now creating propaganda for the news! Like that's never happened before...

Macius 3 months

"Journalists" my ass

Doug 3 months

Did any of these stations bother to do any independent research, add some own content to the Amazon propaganda script?

Frank 3 months

The very definition of corporate public relations and social branding as a corporate citizen. In the real world, most news has always been originally sourced by one group, company or expert. There are far too few investigative reporters to go around and so the media relies on stories or leads fed to them guessed it...PR firms or departments in companies.

teens 4 trump
teens 4 trump 3 months

Isn't that just called a press release? Normal public relations... But it is Amazon and they are evil... Or so I'm told.

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