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Pelosi sued by House Republicans over remote voting

Pelosi sued by House Republicans over remote voting

Lawmakers from the Republican Party sued Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives in an effort to prevent the Democrats from going ahead with proxy voting. House Democrats had agreed to voting by proxy in order to avoid the risk of travel to Washington during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tom A
Tom A
Barry 3 months

Where are all the people that were crying about them not having remote voting?

Arthur 3 months

polosi wants to spread more of her style of corruption ,this must be stopped now!

Dee 3 months

The majority of people who sue, are bitches. Trump is a beta male con artist... Why are they really against this? What is their real agenda? It seems like the republican party is fighting for the 1%, prevent progress and rig the system for their buddies paying them... Ofcourse, they wouldn't tell the people that... It's a game of con artists, and voters are the marks...

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