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Hong Kong police fire pepper pellets to disperse protests over security bill

Hong Kong police fire pepper pellets to disperse protests over security bill

Police in Hong Kong have fired pepper pellets at protesters and arrested 240 people as legislators gather to debate a bill that would criminalize insulting China’s national anthem. Protests are taking place in several locations. The latest protests in Hong Kong follow China’s proposal for national security legislation aimed at tackling secession, subversion and terrorist activities in the city.

Quinten stroud
Quinten stroud 3 months

The Hong Kong protesters in my opinion are more patriotic than 80% of the Left in the US

Concerned New Yorker
Concerned New Yorker 3 months

Free Hong Kong!

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

I'd insult the CCP's anthem but I don't know a good rhyme for 共产

Noobs 3 months

If the west value democratic systems and freedom from oppression then we should back HongKong EVEN IF it costs us more to buy most things.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 3 months


Nate 3 months

If I were allowed to incite violence against those cops, I would. But that’s against the rules so I will not

Joshua 3 months

This is why freedom of speech must be protected. If you ban something like flag burning, you take the first steps toward the authoritarian measures seen in China. Burn an American flag today!

Change Matters
Change Matters 3 months

Is there anyone providing defense for the protesters?

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 months


WouldNeverBackBias 3 months

Police officers protect and serve. Those a**holes are henchmen.

Boycott Newsvoice
Boycott Newsvoice 3 months

Never let a good crisis go to waste isn't that right Victor? I invite anyone who's curious to ask me about my name... #BoycottNewsVoice

Joel 3 months

The HK police should use their guns or rubber bullets. What would depend on the violence of the terrorists.

Wholly 3 months

There is some terrorism going on, but not by Hong Kongers.

Lance 3 months

Trump calls liberals communists??!! Whats happening in China.....That is communism!

Property 3 months

Freedom isn't free and often it isn't at all

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