France bans hydroxychloroquine to treat severe forms of COVID-19

France bans hydroxychloroquine to treat severe forms of COVID-19

The French government has banned the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment to patients suffering severe forms of COVID-19. The move is the first by a country since the WHO said it was pausing a large trial of the malaria drug on COVID-19 patients due to safety concerns.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 months

Well that's quite stupid.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 1 months

Good bcs there is no supporting evidence that it actually works. Which obviously it doesn't. Trump just wanted all you SUCKERS to buy so he and his rich pals stocks would bump up

IIZard 1 months

You do you, France.

michel booltink
michel booltink 1 months

France is doing great with theire combat against covid19. They have almost the most deaths per capita. you go France

John W
John W 1 months

They built the wuhan lab, what else would you expect.

Skinsfan92 1 months

Well, its banned for severe cases of COVId, cuz those are the scenarios where its more dangerous, than it is helpful.

jean Claude
jean Claude 1 months

More politics where it should not be !!! And the article is incorrect on the actual banning conditions

John 1 months

I suppose France must have TDS. Or they are doing it to spite Trump. Or they have looked at the research, looked at the numbers and decided it doesn't work.

Frank 1 months

My 85 year old mum was on oxygen. Hydroxy and she got better within 6 hours. Saved her life. I understand a 45ct pill that has/is being taken by 100m people over 50 years with a 1/1,000,000 chance of a heart problem... could be a threat. After all the Manhattan vaccine project awaits. Aids has been going since 1980 .... still no vaccine. 40,000 by doctors are now on it in nhs.

Steve 1 months

If this virus is so dangerous why ban a drug that could (and actually has) saved lives? This drug has been on the WHO list of vital medications for years... now suddenly it's danger? This action probably means the drug is effective but the big pharma and other powerful people won't make money off it. That's what this "pandemic" is coming down to.

Decoy 1 months

Based France. Seeing countless trials, both before and after Trump shot his mouth off on this topic, conclude this drug to only provide negative effects should have made this standard practice long before now.

Fin 1 months

Because the drug is risky to take even for reasons that have made it thru clinical trials.... Try reading the side effects some that are lethal or permant loss of vision due to retina damage.... It's closely regulated for patients who are on it for lupus... It's sole purpose is to help reduce cytokine production that leads to flare up... N there is no clinical data that's been done in random trials with it alone.... Further most who get covid disease already suffer from the very issues like heart disease that makes it lethal in first place... And another side effect is internal bleeding which if you are suffering from covid d 19 disease you already show a super high d dimer which leads to you guessed it internal bleeding from the alveoli at the lungs swinging you in that deadly almost always fatal condition called disseminated intervascular coagulation... Aka bleeding to death with major organ failure........ It is a red herring drug.... And when smoke clears n data fully in.. Gonna discovered it killed far more than it cured.... By accelerating the Co morbid conditions when given to patients in act of desperation... You ppl know zero about French medicine n French pharmacopeia... U should be kissing their asses.. Tis the French who first genetically mapped hiv... N French that helped fight n respond to ebola... Back in the seventies n eighties.... They aren't a racket like the ama....

Ethan 1 months

I bet Trumps going to be pissed off when he hears of this, as always.

John L
John L 1 months

I have read every study I’ve come across on the subject. There is almost no evidence that HCL works for cases already serious, BUT there are strong indications that HCL works well during early stages of the desease, limiting the severity of desease.

Binx1 1 months

I dont think wearing masks will cause or prevent CoVid-19. I dont get sick. I have not changed 1 thing since this out break. I am around random people smoking, and partying. Not 1 person i know has been sick. It's been really nice have not having the cops patrolling. Crime is definitely down people are happy they're visiting family they're doing things with family that they wouldn't normally do it's been great but we can stop running the masks let's keep this Corona virus thing going it's kind-of nice. (X the MASK)

fish 1 months

Vive La Revolution!!! Jeunne Gillettes, nous somes liberte’... Globalists want this plague to ruin nations. ‘Rona is a scam promoting genecide. Resist!!!

Zaffar Shahidi
Zaffar Shahidi 1 months

Donald Trumps Research ultimately proved a failiure

Kevin McAlpin
Kevin McAlpin 1 months

now time for the US to follow.

Wholly 1 months

I'd rather Doctors decide.

John W
John W 1 months

Promo video for French build wuhan lab. Thanks🇫🇷http////youtu./e/2nhF_b5y-S0

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