Twitter exec in charge of fact-checking comes under criticism

Twitter exec in charge of fact-checking comes under criticism

After Twitter implemented a fact check on some of President Trump’s tweets, some reports have emerged around the background of one official responsible for the fact-checking policy. As per Fox News, Yoel Roth previously referred to Trump and his team as ’ACTUAL NAZIS’, called Mitch McConnell a ’personality-free bag of farts’. Twitter clarified that ’no one person is responsible for policies’.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 months

The Twitter official responsible for the platform’s fact-checking policy has tweeted that members of the Trump administration are “Nazis,” among other false and inflammatory statements on the platform.

Matthew 1 months

Yet Twitter is filled to the brim with CP and Beastiality. But no, Twitter would go after the naughty words said by the president. Twitter is a garbag platform.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 1 months

How do you fact check opinions? And how do you claim those opinions have no basis when a recent election has 20% of mail in ballots removed because the signatures were off.

Jon 1 months

Just part of Distractiongate. Create a huge big story to distract from 100,000 and climbing dead Americans. Obviously you see where his focus is 🙄

Thomas 1 months

The tweet was misinformation and the tweet was CORRECTLY flagged as such. She OBJECTIVLY did her job, desipite her personal opinions. This was not a misuse of power and they should have actually started enforcing fact checking YEARS ago!

Shmee 1 months

Weird how they don't care about bias in people they hire to "fact check". That is until they defend their biased fact checkers.

Dee 1 months

Just look at Mitch... Why would you vote for a guy like that, or trump? If they don't take care of themselves, their body... How the fuck they gonna take care of government? Just look and listen to Mitch... Gross, absolute... And what has he done? Block every single Democratic bill while bitching about bipartisanship... He is a terrorist, a legislative terrorist holding the senate floor hostage so no progress can be made... While calling the Democrats do nothing democrats, while blocking every bill... Get the fuck out of here man(lol), all these (pardon the slang) "old ass ugly mother fuckers" in Congress and Senate need to get out... We need leaders who take care of themselves, shit, then we know they are thinking and they care about shit other then the money and power they get...

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