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Trump threatens Twitter over fact checks: ’absurd’ says Harvard law prof

Trump threatens Twitter over fact checks: ’absurd’ says Harvard law prof

Twitter has taken the unprecedented step of adding fact-check warnings to two of President Donald Trump’s tweets that called mail-in ballots ’substantially fraudulent’ and predicted a ’Rigged Election.’ On Wednesday, the president threatened to impose new regulation on social media companies or even to ’close them down. Harvard law professor, Lawrence Tribe argues that he has no case.

Stephen 5 months

Clearly this "law professor" has a case of TDS. How is being banned from the public square not stifling free speech?

IvoryDove 5 months

Twitter gave me a lifetime ban for insisting that a male was a male. The guy is mentally ill and insisted he actually a female despite his DNA saying otherwise. Twitter considered my assertion to be "hate speech" and "misgendering" and cut off my access /speech. Their affinity for facts is a proven lie.

Lisa 5 months

It’s about time Twitter did something about trumps Tweets. Twitter claims to have posting guidelines. Just because he is the president doesn’t mean he can publicly verbally assault whoever or whatever he doesn’t like based on his whims. Trump has abused his Twitter account multiple times. Trump is having another one of his temper tantrums. Scared, angry people, who feel powerless have temper tantrums. What i find scary is that this irrational man, trump, has control of the nuclear weapons. “Bless his soul”, and I mean that in a good way.

Jon 5 months

Hes not wrong. He has no case. The president broke the guidelines of twitter multiple times before this but posting a conspiracy that a TV host committed murder is just too far especially coming from a position of power and pulpit like the presidency. His speech was not restricted, his post not removed. Simply a warning about the claim was added to the post per their guidelines on posting. He can make a blog on if he wants to attack people with impunity.

Robert_Clearwater 5 months

I really don't care what some gas bag stuffed suit academic fool says, I don't care what a slanted poll that won't reveal it's methods says, and I don't care what someone's opinion on why the constitution should abridged or truncated. If I want to say something I can say it and if someone wants to hear it they can hear it, these are God given rights not a momentary privilege that can be taken and given.

Antony 5 months

Fake news. Trump, who supports freedom of speech would never threaten the media in the US.

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 5 months

Wasn't even a fact check they linked to a activist site they are partnered with

HueHueo Suezo
HueHueo Suezo 5 months

The fact that this summary is so biased, and written by a Mod, is very disturbing to me Newsvoice.

Aaron 5 months

Isn't Harvard where China was paying a professor for biotech?

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