More than 40 million unemployment claims registered in the United States

More than 40 million unemployment claims registered in the United States

The coronavirus pandemic has hugely affected the United States of America with more than 40 million unemployment claims being registered in the country since the start of the lockdown. An increase of two million people applying for unemployment benefits was recorded in the US in the last week.

tim 0 months

As I work my ass off. Paying taxes will others sit at home making more. Go USA

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

I was raised in a home with this concept "You don't work, you don't eat". I'm not skinny, so guess what I've done? Never begged for money handouts, that's for sure.

VINOD 0 months

This is nothing but BS. My friends can't live on $600 a week. It barely covers their mortgage. Unless you worked in a fast food joint. Most middle class families can't live on that.

Rose 0 months

That is a serious issue. We have needed an adjustment for hourly workers for decades. It's to the point where people have to work three or more jobs just to make ends meet. I am 70, and have to still work, because I won't be able to make ends meet without working, and I also work overtime so I can save money. Social Security is not enough to be your main source of income. And I've worked full time since I was 16. You'd think they would appreciate the work of retirees, but they think of us as a burden. But the elites consider us just "bodies" and not the taxpayers who put them into office. And these are the people making the decisions.

Thomas A.
Thomas A. 0 months

They decided to false flag this police crime. This way people forget about the high unemployment in some states and the covid low scam and burn down their neighborhood.

Indo 0 months

Yeah I did too. N I never been to da US of da A.How u like day buddy Boyz.

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