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Postal worker accused of attempted mail-in voter fraud in favour of Republicans

Postal worker accused of attempted mail-in voter fraud in favour of Republicans

A West Virginia postal worker was charged with attempted election fraud after prosecutors found he amended party preferences on mail-ballot applications in favour of the Republicans. Thomas Cooper, 47, admitted that he amended some applications collected at the Onega post office from Democrat to Republican, and added that his actions were a ’joke’ and that he did not know the voters concerned.

Rocky 4 months

Are we still going to push the "mail in fraud is not possible" shtick now? This is several times very recently where mail in ballots have been fraudulently forged. Can we please secure our elections with in person voting tied to an individuals ssn or state ID already please.

Brady 4 months

I thought this was thoroughly fact checked false already! There is no evidence that mail in voting leads to voting fraud! None! We should definitely censor anyone spreading this MISINFORMATION immediately!

Test Steam
Test Steam 4 months

@Dee and yet that shows you how objective and fair Republicans are. If they are saying stop mail ins as they can be tampered with no matter whether it goes Dem or Republican. I still can't believe first world USA has more voter fraud than third world African countries that require your SSN and even stamp your thumb with ink that lasts a few weeks. Plus you had to pre register to reduce congestion and they tick your name off a list.

Dee 4 months

It's really amazing how the only real proof of voter frauds (caught) have been republicans... And they are also the side talking about voter frauds... Like republican media, Fox and OAN are fake news, while they cry fake news wolf... Like how republicans pay people to falsely acuse of sexual whatnot while claiming their own are false... It's a really clever tactic I would use, do it, then blaim the other on what you do... Then they can't say it back at you, then claim fake news so your follows beleive your lies, and think all of their facts are fake ... It's brilliant scheme ... Years in making... Trump finally weaponized it to its fullest... Insane... Democrats are also full of corporate owned agenda people... But the republicans are beyond words for corruption...

JMMA-Z 4 months

It happens on both side. This is why mail in ballots should only be done with voted id and some form of authentication along side it. Otherwise there will be massive fraud!

Scott Curtis
Scott Curtis 4 months

Right wingers jumping on these few examples of attempted mail in vote fraud as an excuse for banning mail in voting, is exactly the same as left wingers jumping on every shooting as an excuse for banning all guns. I don't expect anyone to change their minds but at least acknowledge the hypocrisy?

Jon 4 months

Hebwas just trying to prove the Republican talking point lol. Cant make this shit up. Most corrupt party on history.

Carol 4 months

He should be "fired!"

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 4 months

"Oh my God. Ralph Nader was right!" - Ralph Nader

Jon 4 months

See how safe it is, the Republicans tried to cheat a system they said was rife with fraud and were immediately caught.

Barry 4 months

Uhm question. Aren't these inside envelopes? How did he change it from inside the envelope? Even better question. Looking at the West Virginia mail in registration form, it's a checkbox. Not an underline or circle.

John W
John W 4 months

A congressman caught in the 1970s Abscam sting is now at the heart of a Philly election fraud probe, sources say And there are signs the scope of the probe could extend beyond DeMuro’s ward and division. It was just one of several flagged by Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt in recent years after the number of votes cast on voting machines exceeded the number of voters who signed into the registers at polling places on Election Day “Starting in 2012, my office started doing a post-election audit, where we would compare the number of votes on the voting machine to the number of voters who signed the poll book,” he said. “What you’ll find is many, many discrepancies … That doesn’t necessarily mean people in all those places are crooked. It simply means that these numbers are significant and it would be worthwhile to take a look

Fin 4 months

Was no joke and it proves the mentality n sneakiness with gop to disenfranchised voters.. They are scared of full authentic voter participation n always have been

Albert 2 months

Just received a mail in ballot from the pubs. The GOP may be comfortable with fraud, not me. I'm Canadian.

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