Ed. Secretary DeVos demands public schools share pandemic aid with private ones

Ed. Secretary DeVos demands public schools share pandemic aid with private ones

A letter signed by Democrats Sen. Patty Murray, Rep. Bobby Scott, and Rep. Rosa DeLauro claims that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is trying to reroute coronavirus aid money to K-12 private schools ’in contravention of both the plain reading of the statute and the intent of Congress.’ Earlier in May, the Dept. of Education issued guidance that aid to schools should include private institutions.

Dee 1 months

Would they share theirs? You can't promote private (capitalized) schools, while cutting public school funding... While then demanding they share with the private schools that supposed to rely on their capitalistic resources.... Im confident that she was not a good pick for her job position... Her job is to do nothing (conservatism), hold back (liberal) progress... and dish out as much money to republican buddies profiting from private schools ... Not to make the schools great, just to make it so that people with money can use their money to profit from the schools (doing nothing themselves)... Then they can (private) donate to non-profits who do not share where they get donations, who contribute to republican campaigns... (Dark money) Sure, both sides do it... But the republican party is beyond words right now ... Stealing the cookies, breaking the jar, then demanding you pay for a new jar and to make more cookies ... In sane... Deregulate so businesses can do what they want... Lots of profit I see, look we are doing a good job... Wait what are they doing to make that profit? What regulation did you cut? No, look at Hillary's emails or Obama gate... Or cofefe... Brilliant... Con Artist level 100

michael 1 months

fuck you, you disgusting hag. you wanted those schools to be private they shouldn't get a fucking DIME of public money. go suck your rich donors dicks if you want money for your elitist schools.

Elaine 1 months

I can't stand this billionaire bitch.

Carol 1 months

Enjoy your riches while here on earth, bc that is all you'll ever have. Crooked administrator!

Cerberus Rex
Cerberus Rex 1 months

She could sell 1 of her 9 yachts to help fund private schools. Why should tax payers funding private businesses profit. This is Socialism for the rich.

Rocky 1 months

This is a bad take by De Vos. Private schools are private. Government funding is for public schools. If a private school need financial help they are not doing it right.

LickMyBootyHole 1 months

A true example of an elite screwing over the masses.

Ethan 1 months

DeVos is such a devil. You can't force for tell public schools to give over their aid money to private schools? Private schools cost to much, have less diverse subjects, don't attend to students with specail needs,and there are very few people who attend them compared to public schools. Hiring the best people indeed. She's just send money to her friends. We need a new secetery of education, not this gargoyle.

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