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White House press secretary has voted by mail 12 times in 12 years

White House press secretary has voted by mail 12 times in 12 years

A review of state records shows that White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has voted by absentee ballot every time she has voted since 2008, a total of 12 times. McEnany, voted most recently in this manner, in March in the 2020 presidential primary. She defended her own record of mail-in voting saying that she has long been absent from her state of residence.

Josh 4 months

Absentee voting is very different than sending out millions of ballots and hoping the right person gets them.

Nomad 4 months

Ok Trumpeteers. The field is yours. Defend this. Find all possible reasons to make this look justifiable

Dee 4 months

Trump blurted it out in an interview, "if we make voting easier, the republicans will never win"... Defend it what whatever spin you want. What states have been using gerrymandering to keep their candidates winning? Why is fact checking, easier voting and sensable districts an enemy to the republican party? Why is progressive idiology and progressive agenda a bad thing? Do we get rid of technology and cling to old idiology? Or do we progress and advance humanity?

Fin 4 months

Shows you the double dubious standards

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