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Research review concludes cloth masks provide ’modest reduction in transmission’

Research review concludes cloth masks provide ’modest reduction in transmission’

A review of 100 years of evidence on whether cloth masks are useful in preventing transmission of viruses finds no clinical studies but concludes they help provide a ’modest reduction in transmission’. ’There are no clinical studies that show wearing a mask out in the community is definitely going to reduce the transmission of a viral illness,’ said lead author Catherine Clase.

Alex 3 months

Even if wearing a mask made you invincible that wouldn’t justify requiring it by law

Complimentary 3 months

I still wear one most of the time, even if it doesn’t help that much, every little bit counts. Plus, it’s not like it’s a hard thing to wear it.

Rage Against the Vagine
Rage Against the Vagine 3 months

Everyone wearing the mask is the best possible outcome. The carrier limits the spew of virus and it's just an effective numbers game of minimizing exposure through each barrier. That's why buttholes without them that are asymptomatic are flatten our curve not lowering it nearly as quickly as other nations that are already on the other end of the outbreak

_HMW_ 3 months

Probably best to wear them anyway, however it shouldn’t be a big deal to take them off sometimes, such as when you’re alone outside.

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 3 months

I'm not against people who want to wear masks; I'm not against people who refuse to wear masks. But there is a whiff of virtue signaling about them, isn't there? Reporters and politicians, who put them on as the cameras begin to roll. People who wear them on instagram during fashion shoots, when they are clearly not in public. Certainly the majority of people who wear them are doing so because they believe it helps, but I also think there's a few hypocrites in there.

Grundel 3 months

It's common sense. Any covering is better than nothing. Mitigation is very important.

NonCompliant 3 months

“A modest reduction in transmission” is pretty vague, honestly. This could use some real numbers, and an actual Clinical study backing it up would be solid.

Robert Fisch
Robert Fisch 3 months

obviously wearing a mask helps slow the spread of the virus. common sence tells us THAT. You dont need a study for that.

That_Damn_Dragon 3 months

About what I thought, not as good as a real mask but better than nothing. I'll wear mine to the store but I think people are crazy to wear them while exercising

Julion 3 months

Wtf? This isn’t an article. There are no stats, no attribution. Why is this even here?

Randall 3 months

In reality the physical size of a virus is orders of magnitude smaller than the fibers of even the N95 mask. It's like using chicken wire to keep out mosquitos. It's possible one might stop and purch on a wire for a moment but the vast majority will simply fly through never even knowing that there was anything there to stop them. If you can draw air through the mask using your own lung power then you can draw in the virus just as easily since air molecule's and viruses are nearly the same size. The mask only stops any droplets from traveling from the wearer protecting the uninfected from the infected. A mask does NOT keep an uninfected wearer from getting infected. If you are infected, you MUST wear a mask to protect the uninfected. Handwashing, handwashing, handwashing is your best defense against viral and bacterial infections.

William Eblen
William Eblen 3 months

So many people are pro mask but when you wear an effective hazmat suit with an air supply people don't want to let you buy groceries in peace.

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 3 months

Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea Singapore and so on. What did they do? Europe, USA, and so on what did they do? Who has more cases? Just coincidence? Is the mask required by law in these nations? Nope. I think it's proof IQ is definitely higher in Asia. Lower the IQ of the nation seems almost predict the spread. Obviously China is the origin of the spread and the government lied to the public, so they had no chance to defend themselves. But when there is a virus everyone in Asia takes every precaution, doesn't moan how it's unfashionable, showing very low IQ. People in USA will shoot someone just because they don't want to wear one. How stupid can you get?

Alex 3 months

Forcing people to wear masks was a political decision made by politicians based on little medical evidence to cover their asses. Does it help, heck, it may... The again the chances of getting this bug by airborne transmission are small. You can wear a mask all day, but if you don't wash your hands, you are just as likely to catch or spread any bug as someone that doesn't wear it....heck, maybe they should pass laws that force us to wear gloves all day long.

Brandi 3 months

Why aren’t there studies? What is the point of the recommendation to wear a cloth face covering?

bassy 3 months

"there are no clinical studies" on the effectiveness of parachutes either. That's because it would be unethical to conduct them. We know that both work from physics and fluidynamics etc. No need to put people at risk for a study

Michael MB
Michael MB 3 months

To all the people using the "commonsense" argument....there is no such thing as commonsense anymore thanks to the snowflake generation.

mykcal 3 months

“Almost no medical benefit...” Hmm, then I wonder why the US President, (whose daughter went to school with the currently sole living heir to the Johnson and Johnson medical supplies - including medical masks - family fortune) is actively promoting the whole world wear them? A mystery to be sure.

Lesley 3 months

So, there a bit like guns. They give ppl a false sense of security. Does it matter, as long as the individual feels better for arming themselves with a mask?

Rocky 3 months

Too bad they didn't test this theory in a study with proper methodology. Real world conditions would be a mask or into your elbow or hand. Not a mask or into the environment unimpeded. That proves nothing. What a waste of grant dollars on useless information. We need a study to see if there is enough of a benefit over sneezing/coughing into your elbow vs coughing/sneezing into a cloth mask to outweigh the known negative effect of increased rate of respiratory infection for cloth mask users.

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