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Trump to sign executive order on social media: White House

Trump to sign executive order on social media: White House

President Trump will sign an executive order on social media firms on Thursday, the White House has said. It comes after he threatened to shut down social media platforms he accused of stifling conservative voices. The announcement revived fears within the online industry that the administration will target a 1996 statute that protects the companies from lawsuits, Politico wrote.

FourAncientWhiteElephants 3 months

Can anyone explain to me why all the Trump haters are saying he's violating the first amendment when he's trying to protect people being able to voice their opinions?

Mopeyhornet 3 months

Good silicon valley has gone too long unchecked. This opens them up to lawsuits from voices that have been unfairly censored and banned off their platforms. This is a freedom of speech issue not for the billion dollar companies but the million or more people excluded from the public square of the internet

michael 3 months

more like 1984. if trumpanzees still support him doing this, they truly don't care about America. this is literally a president threatening to use executive orders to remove the first amendment. you think your guns will be safe after this? you think Republicans will be in power forever? are you even Republicans or are all trumtards just incels who got rejected by that hot eco girl and decided voting for an obvious conspiratard psycho like them was the best way to "stick it to the libs" rather than actually vote FOR something.

GreenMachine 3 months

I'll wait to see what the order actually says. The man says a lot of thing. He does about 15%-20% of it. If he makes the sites into publishers, I'd be ok with that.

Rocky 3 months

Yes! I hope it's the 1996 statute being rolled back. I've been asking for this for years!

Timothy 3 months

This is great news, the only people who won’t like it are the screeching lefties and libtards with nothing better to do than use Social Media to advance their poisonous cause while ensuring every other world view is blocked.

F G 3 months

Finally. This one sided clown show needs to stop. Remove their special status. Make them publishers, so that they can be sued to oblivion

intherough 3 months

How about I do my own fact checking and not rely on companies who are backed by God knows who with God knows how much money. I fact check constantly. I know how this world works by now.

AD C 3 months

I've had issues with Big tech since before Trump had a problem with them. I hope tech Giants will lose the "Public forum & simultaneously having the right of editorial powers" BS. Seriously that makes as much sense as claiming to be monogamous while you're dating one woman and dating one guy. For those tribalist out there, it makes as much sense as someone somehow simultaneously being a proud card carrying member of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 3 months

Trump is very scared about being fact checked, not silenced as many claim. He still can tweet what he wants when he wants. If he spoke the truth and didn’t peddle debunked/unproven conspiracy theories and alternative facts he would have nothing to worry about...nothing to tweet about either I suppose.

WorldUndercurrent 3 months

Trump is the king of all snowflakes ❄️ maybe he should focus on losing more Americans than every war since wwII, but at least he got something done while he was golfing for the 251st time.

ian 3 months

Every social media platform heavily sensors conservative and right leaning media, it’s dangerous to let a company have that much political power when they pretty much have a monopoly on the industry. Social media platforms literally use their platforms to get rid of conservative voices, over stupid claims that dont make sense... if you only follow liberal stuff on insta and facebook that stuff gets heavily promoted by the platforms, and you dont know any different but i started following boths left and right leaning stuff a while ago just to see what both ends of the spectrum were promoting, and I was freaky to see all the censoring happening on the right leaning side and nothing on the left leaning side. They are pulling down political opinions that people post, if they disagree... its wrong. It would be kinda like if Comcast and all the cable companies got together and decided that certain websites couldn’t come through their lines and they made those decisions soley for politics... the law that limits their liability also controls other stuff about them. And even whether it’s legal or not, it’s still messed up and dangerous and wrong to stop anybody’s speech except for when their speech is illegal or directly causes violence. Censoring individuals voices is petty too, and implies fear of someones speech. Or fear that what they have to say is a truth you wish wasnt true.

6Million$Mansplainer 3 months

Play dirty games, win fun prizes. It's about time to hold publishers accountable for what they sell.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 3 months

The problem with the 1996 law is it doesn’t put hard guidelines on the companies it protect for what is and is not acceptable to censor. The companies are currently acting as editors but gaining the legal protection of not being responsible for anything on the platform. This is a gross exploitation of that law and goes against the intended use.

Unity.Nat 3 months

Well who knew all it took is many lives ruined in the public space from Athortarian Liberals before action is taken. Will it be enough to promote a space of free speech and opinions? Or just this weeks news

Jon 3 months

Twitter did not censor or restrict his speech at all. Just flagged it for breaking their guidelines and like the little whiny beta bitch boy he is he had a hissy fit.

Akira6968 3 months

ZeroHedge's Tyler Durden is incredibly thorough regarding the topic at hand, highly recommended if you want pretty full background info.

Frank 3 months

The Rhino with filothin skin can't hide his fat behind as he runs from the visible truth of his pandemic-sized failure to launch that lost worldwar dead numbers of American lives in 90 days. So he lies and jives and dives desperate to avoid the blame of infamy, desperate to avoid the titanic sinking of the egobloated brand name, desperate to appear strong while his epic weakness is on display for all the world to see. So the Don moans and groans when his chosen public platform of hate speech, rancor and disinformation finally says enough to the dead, enough to the onslaught of dis- mis- fantasy where the roach in the White House lives and breathes. Attack mode against the machine. Threaten and scold and send the believing denizens of false glory and MAGA mythology. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. But too bad Mein Trumperbaron, execute the war of words all you want. But the Twitter tweeties have you by the cajones. And there's not a thing this wartime 'president'* can do about it. Meanwhile the bodybags and caskets continue to roll down the road doing a mean COVID-19.

Rose 3 months

Okay, here you go. Those of you who want to be told what to do, when to do it, what to say, when to say it, will be very happy about our loss of freedoms under this regime.

Elaine 3 months

Trump isn't going to make good on his threat. First starters, what the hell would he do with all that free time. Secondly, all other avenues of crazy conspiracy theories, and misinformation benefitting Trump, will be shut down.

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