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Activist Jesse Jackson condemns Floyd death as a ’lynching in broad daylight’

Activist Jesse Jackson condemns Floyd death as a ’lynching in broad daylight’

Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson condemned the killing of unarmed black man George Floyd as said it was a ’lynching in broad daylight’. He traveled yesterday to Minneapolis to speak about the death of Floyd, 46, ahead of the third consecutive night of protests. The activist spoke to CBS ahead of his speech and said that Minneapolis Police department needed to cleanse itself, inside and out.

Fin 3 months

The death of Floyd reminds me of the brutal death of James Chasen in Portland Oregon... The guy had over one hundred bones broken and his chest flailed... All because he got spooked after publically urinating in an alley and the rogue cop went bananas cause James who had special needs ran.. They beat the crap out of him and tried to cover it up.. The county coroner called the cops out on it... James was white... But a minority.. He was homeless with schizophrenia but never had ever hurt a soul.. That too was murder..... Some people have no business being cops and departments must weed em out before not after such tragedies... That cop almost got away with it till other cops came forward

Seekster 3 months

Where is the evidence that this killing had ANYTHING AT ALL to do with race?

User Inactive
User Inactive 3 months

The usual suspects chiming in and getting their face time.

porcus 3 months

Racist using racist trigger words in broad daylight....

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