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House Democrats demand probes of police killings of black Americans

House Democrats demand probes of police killings of black Americans

The House Judiciary Committee has asked the DOJ to investigate systemic police misconduct following a spate of police killings of African Americans. The killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN and Breonna Taylor in her Louisville, KY apartment raise questions as to whether police were engaged in a ’pattern or practice of unconstitutional conduct’, Jerrold Nadler wrote to AG William Barr.

I have no idea
I have no idea 3 months

How about just police killings. There are about 1500 a year and only 250ish are blacks.

Aaron 3 months

Little late, Trumps already on it. High energy.

Daniel McEwen
Daniel McEwen 3 months

They're conveniently ignoring that Republicans, including Trump, are also asking for a probe. Why pretend this is a partisan issue when it's not the case?

ronnie massart
ronnie massart 3 months

but more Whites are killed by Cops than Black so......?

Danny Mcgrath
Danny Mcgrath 3 months

Nobody kills more blacks than other blacks. Less blacks are killed each year by cops than whites. Surely it's more important to talk about 4%/55%?

Change Matters
Change Matters 3 months

The Dems need the institutional use of force to be primarily racial in order to keep Americans divided. The excessive use of force is a product of living in a police state. The government cannot reeducate people to feel different and groups of people but they can stop responding with force.

.Tet. 3 months

Tbh I'd be start with an investigation into the Floyd case and see how it goes from there. Cuz that was screwy.

Bryan Shoemaker
Bryan Shoemaker 3 months

Too late, trump already sent FBI the night it happened. why Are Democrats so dam slow?

Seekster 3 months

It's not race it's culture and socio-economics.

ken taro
ken taro 3 months

The "right" want to pivot to social media, the "left" want to pivot to social injustice; both are legitimate issues that cross party lines, both are distractions from a more prevalent issue. As powerful as our government is, we are only people. Etc etc

eclipseNF 3 months

What about white Americans?

IIZard 3 months


jordi 3 months

Trump already asked the for a civil rights investigation so those house Democrats are a little late

shawn 3 months

How many people of colour have to be murdered before things change if it was a white person things would change so fast your head would spin. 2 men of colour have been murdered in the last year by police. But if it was a cop all shit would break loose. Blue lives matter BS.

Rose 3 months

I demand that too. But they don't listen to me.

Shalyn 3 months

Yeah cause there investigations do so much towards solving issues, not. ( more like their investigations cause more problems)

Don'tbackNV 3 months

Mcguffy by chicoms to distract from Hong Kong.

Pamela 3 months

I’m just going to keep saying it. Minnesota is a DEMOCRATIC STATE. Democratic governor. Minneapolis has a democratic mayor. Why are democrats looking around with a stupefied expression as if they can’t understand what happened? This is YOUR house, people. Clean it up.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 3 months

They won't like the data on it, but of course they will cherry pick and continue their own narrative!

tsylana 3 months

Barr won't do this, systemic oppression needs to be maintained in order to consolidate power.

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